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P Science Test#3

Atmosphere The mass of air surrounding the planet.
Barometer An instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure.
Heat Energy that is being transferred as a consequence of temp differences.
Heterosphere The upper layer of earth's atmosphere, which exists higher than 80 km above sea level.
Homosphere The lower layer of earth's atmosphere, which exists from ground level to roughly 80 km above sea level.
Jet stream A narrow band of high-speed winds that circle the earth, blowing from west to east.
Temperature A measure of the energy of random motion in a substances molecules.
Atmospheric pressure The pressure exerted by the atmosphere on all objects within it.
Ionosphere The region of the atmosphere between the altitudes of roughly 65 km and 33 km, where gases are ionized.
Troposphere Weather layer, Jet stream.
Stratosphere Ozone layer, Increase temp gradient, Jet stream.
Ozone layer Blocks uv rays, attracts heat, in stratosphere.
Name atmospheric regions in order. Homosphere; troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere. Heterosphere; ionosphere, thermosphere, exosphere.
Jet stream Guides storms.
Mesosphere Meteors burn, ionosphere (also in thermosphere).
Heterosphere Messed up air %, maybe mor O?
Barometer Leak, reading=lower, air equalizes.
Know these numbers to go with the measures. 14.7 lbs./in2, 1 atm., 29.9 in. mercury, 760mmHg.
Know how to spell the word for CFC's. CHLOROFLUOROCARBONS.
Is freezing caused by heat? Ice freezes because heat is removed. So yes.
Troposphere Molecule speed increase, heat higher, temp not, explain.
Colorful lights that appear in the night sky. Auroras, Borealis and Australius.
Created by: Raxiqwerty