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Chapter 1-3

What does the Gospel mean? the good news
What are the four Gospel authors? Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
Who are the synoptic Gospel authors? Matthew, Mark, and Luke
Whats another word for Gospel Authors? Evangelist
Define Evangelist? proclaimer of good news
What are the four stages of the Gospel? life, oral, written, and edited
Describe the Life Stage of the Gospel Jesus was alive & Events actually happening
Describe the Oral stage of the Gospel Oral Tradition: stories passed by word of mouth & All stories would be spread about Jesus
Define Oral tradition stories passed by word of mouth
Describe the Written stage of the Gospel What the Gospel authors wrote down in the gospel
Described the Edited stage of the Gospel When church fathers got together and deemed what books were inspired by God & They put together the Bible
Define Audience who is was that portion of the Gospel (by the author) written for
What was Matthew's audience? wrote his Gospel for Jewish converted in Christianity
What was Mark's audience? wrote his Gospel for persecuted Christians in Rome
What was Luke's audience? Gentile (non-Jew) Christians
Who was John's Gospel for? everybody
What did Matthew portray God as? portrays Jesus as the teaching Messiah to the Jewish Christians
What did Mark portray God as? portrays Jesus as the suffering Savior
What did Luke portray God as? portrays Jesus as a compassionate savior
What did John portray God as? portrays Jesus as divine "son ship" Jesus as the Son of God
T or F - Matthew was believed to be a tax collector. True
What time period did Mark write his Gospel? Emperor Nero burnt down Rome and blamed it on Christians (when they started executing Christians)
T or F - Luke was believed to be a doctor. True
Why was Luke believed to be a doctor? because he focused on healing miracles during the Passion
What other books has John is also speculated of writing? Revelations
What are the Infancy Narratives? stories about the birth of Jesus
What were Matthew's Infancy Narrative Themes? 1. Jesus is a Messiah 2. Jesus was accepted by the Gentiles but not by the Jews 3. Jesus is the new Moses
What was the theme of Luke's Infancy Narratives? 1. The Good News is for Everyone 2. The Poor Saw Jesus
Define Magi astrologers or wisemen from the east
Were the Three Kings in the Bible? (from the Christmas story) If not explain. They were not in the Bible they are part of Christian tradition
Explain the Kingdom of God The kingdom of God is all around us, not here & now, but in the future little acts of goodness and kindness we do in our material life will eventuality lead us to the kingdom of God. Our life on Earth is temporary & fleeting but life in Heaven is 4ever
What is capital T Truth? Moral Truth
What is lower case t truth? literal meaning of a story
Define Synoptic seen together, same
Define Messiah savior
Explain Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition the church basis everything on Sacred Scriptures and Tradition -Sacred Scripture is the Bible -Sacred Tradition is our 2,000 year tradition moving forward
Define Epistles Part of the New Testament also called Letters
What are the 10 Commandments (in order)? 1.Worship one God 2.Don't use the Lords name in vain 3.Keep holy Sabbath 4.Honor your mother & father 5.Don't kill 6.Don't commit adultery 7.Don't steal 8.Don't bear false witness 9.Don't covet your neighbors wife 10.Don't covet your neighbors possessions
Define Oral Tradition stories passed by word of mouth
Define Romans dominance during the time that Jesus was born
Creation Story everything God made is good; we are good
Intrinsically at the core all mankind is good
Judges warriors that fought Isael
King David David and Goliath, Greatest King in Isael, and units 12 Tribes of Israel
Jeremiah major profit and a teenager
Abraham founded the Jewish faith (patriarch)
John the Baptist prepared the way of the lord
Emaculate Conception Mary's conception without sin
The Trinty the three persons in one god; father, son, holy spirit
Gentiles non-jewish
Salvation History the act of God saving humans in history
What are the 4 parts of the Old Testament? Torah, Historical Books, Prophetic books, wisdom books
Torah First five books of the Bible Known as The Law
Historical Books Deals with the kings and Bible battles
Prophetic Books Major and the minor prophets
Wisdom Books Psalms and Proverbs
What are the four parts of the new testament? Christian Scriptures, Acts, Revelation, and Letters
Christian Scriptures Gospels Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John Life and teachings of Jesus
Acts Called Acts of the apostles About the life of the early church
Revelation End of the World End times Also called the Apocalypse Don’t take it literally its figurative
Letters Also called the Epistles Most of the letter were letters by Saint Pau
What's another name for New Testament? Christian Scriptures
Whats another name for the Old Testament? Hebrew Scriptures
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