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The Ultimate List #1


Greek, killed Hector ACHILLES
Greek, married to Clytemnestra, sacrificed daughter, Iphigenia AGAMEMNON
god of poetry, prophecy, medicine, light; associated with Hyperion APOLLO
sent by Juno to watch Io; Hermes put him to sleep; has 100 eyes; the source of Juno's symbol (the peacock) ARGUS
created by Charles Perrault; had seven wives and told them not to open a certain locked door in his house- if they did, they would die (6 of them did) BLUEBEARD
Valkyrie, servant of Odin, loved Siegrfied BRUNNHILDE
fairy tale created by Charles Perrault CINDERELLA
sat under a sword held by a single hair DAMOCLES
2 really, really, really, loyal friends DAMON AND PYTHIAS
queen of Carthage DIDO
daughter of Agamemnon, helped her brother Orestes kill their mother ELECTRA
ROMAN half-man half-goat creatures FAWNS
hideous female monsters who pursued evildoers FURIES
goddess of the earth, mother of the Titans and Cyclops GAEA
rode naked through the streets of Coventry LADY GODIVA
3 goddesses of lovliness and charm GRACES
prince of Troy, bravest Trojan warrior, killed by Achilles HECTOR
Trojan priest who warned the Trojans not to accept the horse LAOCOON
mortal who was raped by Zeus, who was in the form of a swan LEDA
god of sleep and dreams MORPHEUS
Greek goddess of vengeance NEMESIS
female spirits who lived in forests, bodies of water, and other places outdoors NYMPHS
ruler of Norse gods, god of wisdom, poetry, farming, and war ODIN
gave fire to man, was chained to a rock with eagles gnawing at his liver as punishment PROMETHEUS
god who served Poseidon and could change his shape at will PROTEUS
father of Zeus, fled from Olympus after Zeus defeated the Titans SATURN
6 headed monster and whirlpool, respectively SCYLLA AND CHARYBDIS
had to roll a rock up a hill forever; when he got it to the top, it would roll right back down and he would have to do it again SISYPHUS
the wind ZEPHYR
Created by: maleqr