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Medical Terminology

Red Module- Male Reproductive/Pediatrics/Specialty Exams

anorchidism absence of testicles
Apgar Score physical assessment of a newborn performed at one & five minutes immediately following birth
aspermia lack of sperm
balanitis inflammation of the glans penis
balanorrhea discharge from the glans penis
castration surgical removal of testes
chicken pox disease caused by the varicella virus; highly contagious
circumcision excision of the prepuce
congenital to be born with; present at birth
cryptorchidism undescended testes
ejaculation discharge of semen from the penis
epididymis tube-like structure where sperm is matured & stored
epididymitis inflammation of the epididymis
epispadias congenital opening of the urethra on the dorsal side of the penis
glans penis bulbous end of the penis
hereditary traits that are passed from generation to generation
hydrocele accumulation of fluid within the testes
hypospadias congenital opening of the urethra on the under side of the penis
immunization injection of a weakened or dead microorganism that will cause the body to develop antibodies
impotence inability to achieve an erection
inguinal hernia loop of intestines that bulges into the scrotum
inspection to view
mensuration to measure
myringotomy incision into the tympanic membrane
orchidalgia pain in the testes
orchiditis inflammation of the testes
orchidocele herniation of the testes
orchiectomy surgical removal of a testis
orchitis inflammation of a testis
orchotomy incision of a testis
otitis externa inflammation of the outer ear; swimmer's ear
otitis media inflammation of the middle ear
palpation to feel
parotitis inflammation of the parotid glands; mumps
penis male organ of copulation
percussion to tap or strike with an instrument
prepuce foreskin of the glans penis
priapism painful, constant erection
prone lying on the stomach
prostatectomy surgical removal of the prostate
prostatocystitis inflammation of the prostate gland & urinary bladder
prostatodynia pain in the prostate
prostatolithotomy incision into the prostate gland to remove a stone
puberty period of sexual maturity
restrain to hold firmly in place to prevent movement
scrotum pouch which houses the testes
semen thick, whitish fluid containing sperm cells & secretions of the accessory glands
seminiferous tubules tubes which produce sperm
spermatic pertaining to sperm
spermatogenesis production or formation of sperm
supine lying on the back
testes male gonads, plural
testis male gonad, singular
testitis inflammation of the testes
testosterone hormone produced by the testes
urethropexy surgical fixation of the urethra
varicocele swelling & distention of the veins of the spermatic cord
vas deferens sperm duct
vasectomy surgical removal of a portion of the vas deferens
vesiculitis inflammation of the seminal vesicles
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