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Taking Test

Dynamics of Student Success

There are 4 factors that determine how you will do on a test? False
When you receive your test back, you should go back over the questions that you missed, so you can see why you missed it? True
You should use the CORE learning system BEFORE you take the test True
It is not that important to arrive early to class before you take your test False
When you are done with you test, you should proofread all of your answers True
If you don't know one of the questions, you should stay on that question until you can answer it False
_____,_____,and _____ are the three factors that determine how you will do on a test? How well have you prepared, How well do you take tests, and How much have you learned from previous tests
To improve your test taking skills, you should use the _______ Learning System. CORE Learning System.
____,_____,______,and_____ are the four steps in the CORE Learning System. Collect, Organize, Rehearse, and Evaluate
The two rules for making a test-smart plan are ____ and _____ Answering easy questions first and spending time in proportion to the points available.
When you are answering multiple-choice questions with numbers for the answer, you should automatically cross out the _____ and the _____numbers Highest and lowest
The three components for a definition question are ____,_____,and ____. Category, Unique Characteristics, and Elaboration
When will a true/false question always be false? The answer will always be false if the question or statement is false itself, or if there are any unconditional words in the question.
What is one thing you should do if you feel nervous during the test? If at any time during the test you feel overwhelmed or nervous, you should flip the test over and take long deep breaths.
Which strategy should be used DURING the test? Preparing yourself physically and emotionally OR Previewing the test Previewing the test
If you don't know an answer to a short-answer question what should you do? Leave it blank OR Write something Write something
What is one thing you should do while taking your test? Get help OR Make a test-smart plan Make a test-smart plan
When should you reward yourself? Before OR After the test After the test
When you are answering multiple-choice questions, and more than one answer is right what should you choose as your answer? All of the above OR pick between the one of the answers All of the above
Short-answer questions are usually how many paragraph(s)? One OR Two One
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