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Economic Geography

JC Geography

Primary economic activities Those activities where natural resources are extracted from the earth. Examples of primary activities are mining, farming and fishing.
Natural resources Those resources, which are found in nature and are of benefit to mankind.
Oil/gas This is a finite resource i.e. it is non-renewable. Found in the Kinsale and Corrib gas fields
Peat About 15% of Ireland is covered in bog (either raised or blanket bog).
Raised bog Up to ten metres deep and found in the central plain.
Blanket bog 2-3 metres deep and found in many mountainous areas
Raw materials These are the basic resources from which the finished product is produced.
Capital This is the money needed to establish an industry.
Heavy industries Those which process large amounts of raw materials to produce finished products that are both bulky and heavy. Heavy industries are not as significant as light industries in Ireland.
Light industries Produce smaller, lighter products whose bulk is low but whose value is often high.
Secondary economic activities These activities involve the processing of raw materials (primary products). Examples would include turning timber into furniture and turning iron-ore into steel.
Acid rain This is an example of major industrial pollution. This is caused by the burning, by industry, of large amounts of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas.) These release toxic gases, which mix with moisture in the air and fall as acid rain.
Tertiary economic activities This involves the provision of services which include education, the health service, transport, financial services, banking, repair services and retail shops.
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