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bicamerol legislacher composed of two parts or houses
census a populashon count done by census burow
constituent a person frome a legislativ district
grerrymander an odly shapet elecshion district desind to incres voting stranth of a particuler grupe
majority party the politicol part betwen house of represinitivs and the sinit to wich hafe belong
standing comunity pemonit comunity that continus work from sesshon to sesson in congres
seniority years of sevis in wich is used as a codradicshon for comunity membirs being assind
expressed powers power congres has that is listed in the costetushon
implide powers powers congres has that is not listed in the constetushon
elastic clause an artical in the consfitushin that gives the right of law macking to congres
impeach to acuse govermint ofiols of miscondut
writ of habeas corpus a cort order that reqwiers polece to bring a prisoner to cort to explan why the person is in prison
bill of attainder a law that acuses a person to a crime with out triol or fair hering in cort
expost facto law a law that alowd the prson to be punist for an acsfhon that was not aginst the law
franking privleg the right of seniters to send job related maill with out pamint of posting
lobyist reprisinotivs of an intrest groupe contacts law makers or other govermint offishiols
caswork the work a law maker dose to help constitunts with a problom
pork barrol project govermint project grant that primaroly binifits the home districs or state
joint resolution a resolushon that is past by bothe houses of congres
special intrest grupe an orgonisahon of pepole with some comin intrests who try to influince govermint desigons
fillibuster a taktic for depinding a bill in the sinit by talkining till the bills sponser withdras it
cloture a proseger used in the senit to limit debate on a bill
voice vote a voteing methid in wich those in favor say yea and those aginst say no
roll call vote a voting in the seit in wich vose ther votes in tern
veto refusolto sign a bill or resolushon
pocket veto presodints power to kill a bill if congres is not in seshon dy not signing it fot ten days
Created by: caster2272
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