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Map Test

Sudy for Test

What is another name for longitudinal lines? lines of meridian
Lines of parallel are also called? latitude
The name of the longitudinal line that is 0 degrees and passes through Greenwich, England? Prime Meridian
180 degree line that passes through the Pacific Ocean? International Dateline
What and where is the Equator? An imaginary line that divides the earth into northern and southern hemispheres, degrees latitude
The farthest point north at which the sun can shine directly overhead. Tropic of Cancer
Tropic of Capricorn The farthest point south at which the sun can shine directly overhead
What lies 23 1/2 degrees N of the equator? Tropic of Cancer
What lies 23 1/2 degrees S of the equator? Tropic of Capricorn
What is the frigid zone called that is located directly on the center of the North Pole? Arctic Circle
Antarctic Circle The frigid zone located directly on the center of the South Pole
How many degrees from the Equator to the North pole? 90 degrees
What are the three climate zones and one country you can find in each zone? Arctic, Tropic, Temperate You pick and know your own countries:)
A degree equals? 1/360 of a circle
Latitude is always written first... when you are writing exact location
Exact location can be written in... degrees, minutes and seconds
A flat map showing correct shape of land, but some distorted size Mercator projection
Conic Map a projection onto a cone with its point over one of the earth's poles
From the Equator to the North Pole how many degrees? 90 degrees
Antarctic circle lies at___degrees____ 66 1/2 degrees South
If you could choose to live in any zone that you wanted, where would you choose to live? Why? Be specific Your own personal answer
Draw the earth use your ruler and remake your map front and back. Do not leave off anything:) Practice making map, check your work with your practice map
Created by: kmoppert