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Stem words

mono one/only
uni one
bi two/double
di - /duo two
tri three
bi two/double
quad- / quart four
quint - / penta five
anti against
hex/hexa six
ante before
com together
aqua water
audi hear
bell war
cap take
cise to cut
bio life
auto self
port carry
scribe to write
logy science of / study of
dict to say
cred believe
cent one hundred
neo new
ad to
cede go
anthropo man
spec to look
hydro water
photo light
pan all
tele far
vid look
ex out
poly many
re again
hyp under
pseudo false
neuro nerve
tomy cut
hema blood
bene good
pater father
punct point
dorm sleep
miss end
vest clothes
loco place
amphi both or two
nov new
magn great or large
pend hang or weigh
biblio book
phobia fear
alter other
put think
ortho straight
ver true
pop people
demo people
matri mother
mega large
scope look
micro small
dec ten
mar sea
prim first
plu more
liber free
circum around
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