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Engine Managment

Computer Terms

ROM Read Only Memory - once programmed it cannot be written to again
KAM Keep Alive Memory - it loses its data when disconnected from the battery for a length of time
RAM Random Access Memory - it loses its data when the car is turned off
PROM Programmable ROM - programmed once by the user
EPROM Erasable PROM - uses Ultraviolet (UV) light to erase
EEPROM Electronically Erasable PROM - aka Flash memory
Short term memory Memory which loses data when power is removed
Long term memory Memory which retains data even when all power is removed
Volatile Memory that lasts only while the power is on (and thus would be lost after a restart)
RAM data It is a scratch pad memory that holds temporary real-world data that may or may not be processed
KAM data DTC's, clock, customer preferences (radio stations, seat positions, etc.)
ROM data vehicle information like engine size and lookup tables of general parameters
Input An electrical signal going to a computer for processing
Output Information in a form suitable for transmission from a computer
Processing Converting a signal in to a usable form
Sensor A component that measures a physical quantity and sends its output to a computer
Actuator A computer-controlled component that changes electrical energy into an action
Microprocessor A part of the computer that makes decision and performs calculations
Multiplexing A system that has many inputs sharing one communications line
Demultiplexing A system that uses one communications line to control many devices
PROM data Fine-tuned ROM data such as vehicle weight and drivetrain and includes calibrations tables
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