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Short Story Test

Author Life Section

wrote "the cask of amontillado" poe
orpaned at 2 and taken in by allens poe
grew up in richmond, VA poe
1809-1849 poe
married Virginia Clemm-13 yr old cousin poe
dropped out of U of VA (debts) poe
enlisted in army poe
expelled from West Pt (no more help from allens poe
was never fromally adopted poe
wife died at 25 of tuberculosis poe
struggled to support himself through writing and editing- gained control of a magazine but faild poe
planned every single word and detail to contribute toward wanted impression poe
famous for poetry and short stories poe
wrote "the scarlet ibis" hurst
grew up in north carolina hurst
1922-_____ hurst
went to NC state college hurst
fought in WW2 hurst
went to julliard school hurst
Studied in Rome, Italy for 3 yrs hurst
1951 wen to NY and started a 34 yr. carreer in Internation dep't of a large bank hurst
during 50's and early 60's he also wrote hurst
famous for short stories and a play hurst
"TSI" 1st appearence was in The Atlantic Monthly in July 1960 hurst
he is now retired in NC hurst
Wrote "a mother in manville" rawlings
born in washington dc rawlings
1896-1953 rawlings
U of wisconsin- worked as journalist rawlings
1928 bought an orange grove at Cross Creek in FL- became swamplands and backcountry setting for stories rawlings
1939- won Pulitzer Prize for The Yearling (about a boy and his pet fawn) rawlings
wrote "a summers reading" malamud
born in brooklyn, NY malamud
1914-1986 malamud
city college of NY malamud
Columbia U malamud
1952- 1st novel- The Natural malamud
"ASR" from a collection of stories called The Magic Barrel- received the National Book award for fiction in 1959 malamud
Created by: laineybug13
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