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science tools

vocab terms for sarah

Metric Ruler used to measure the length or width of an object
Wax pencil used to write on glass containers to mark contents
bunsen burner used to heat objects in a lab
forceps used to pick up small objects
scope (spatula) to transfer solid chemicals
evaporating dish used as a container for small amounts of liquid being evaporated
scale used to measure the weight of an object
coverslip used to protect the microscope when VIEWING a specimen
measuring tray used to hold substances to be weight
graduated cylinder used to MEASURE LARGER amounts of liquids
stirring rod used to STIR combinations of materials and aids in pouring liquids
safety glasses/goggles used to protect your eyes
funnel used in pouring
flask used to HOLD or TRANSFER a larger amount of fluid
watch glass used as a BEAKER COVER in evaporating very small amounts
test tube rack used to hold test tubes
medicine dropper used to HOLD or TRANSFER a small amount of a liquid
thermometer used to measure temperature
microscope slide used to place a specimen on to view UNDER a microscope
spot plate plate with several small DEPRESSIONS used for SPOT tests
scalpel used to cut a specimen
petri dish used to GROW bacteria in or used as biological dish
pipette used to MEASURE small amounts of liquids
brush used to clean laboratory glassware
microscope used to VIEW small specimen
beaker used to HOLD or TRANSFER a larger amount of fluid
test tube used to HOLD or TRANSFER a small amount of liquid
wash bottle used to dispense distilled water
scientific principle a concept based on scientific laws
observation observing something carefully to gain information
bias what the scientist expects will change how they view the results of an investigation
inference a conclusion based on evidence, reasoning or observations
fact a truth known by actual experience or observation
scientific method a series of logical steps to follow in order to solve problems -organized common sense -a general approach
control a standard which test results can be compared to
control group all the factors that are kept the same
experimental group same as the control group except for one factor being tested
variable a quantity that can have more than a single value
constant a factor that does not change when other variables change
dependent variable the variable being tested in a scientific experiment
independent variable the variable that is changed in a scientific experiment to test the effects on the dependent variable
hypothesis a tentative statement that proposes a possible explanation to some phenomenon
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