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Ch 2 Psychology

Ch 2 Psychology Pre-test

In the structure of the neuron, the _______ sends information to the other cells. Axon
Which type of cell makes up 10% of the brain? Neurons
Damaged nerve fibers in the body can repair themselves because they are coated with ______, which forms a protective tunnel around the nerve fibers. Neurilemma
When a neuron is in the resting potential state, where are the sodium ions? Outside the cell
How does one neuron communicate with another neuron? Chemicals in the end of one neuron float across the gap to fit into holes on the next neuron
Which neurotransmitter is associated with the control of the pain response? Endorphin
Which of the following is the correct path of a reflex arc? Sensory neuron to interneuron to motor neuron
Voluntary muscles are controlled by the _____ nervous system. Somatic
Your heart races, you begin to breathe faster, your pupils enlarge and your appetite is gone... Your _____ division has just been activated. Sympathetic
The _______ divison controls ordinary day-to-day bodily functions. Parasympathetic
Maria suffered a stroke that damaged a part of her brain, she fell into a sleeplike coma and cannot be awakened. If we know that the area of damage is somewhere in the brainstem, which structure is most likely damaged? Reticular Formation
Which is NOT sent to the cortex by the thalamus? Smell
Which part of the brain is the link between the brain and glandular system? Hypothalamus
Jeff is undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor. The surgeon applies electrical simulation to various areas around the tumor, causing Jeff to report tingling sensations in various areas of his skin. The tumor is most likely in which lobe of Jeff's brai Parietal
George has a small stroke that results in a partial paralysis of his left side. The damaged area is most likely in his _______ lobe. Right frontal
Linda is recovering from damage to her brain. Her main symptom is a speech problem, instead of saying "I go to P.T. at nine o'clock" she says "I go...P.T...non o'cot"... Linda's problem is? Broca's Aphasia
Recognizing the face of someone you run into at the mall is a function of the ______ hemisphere; being able to retrieve that person's name from memory is a function of the _____ hemisphere. right, left
Heather is beautifully proportioned, but at 18 she is still no taller than the average 10 year old. Heather most likely had a problem in her ______ glad when growing up. Pituitary
The action of hormones in the bloodstream is most similar to which of the following? The action of neurotransmitters in the synapse.
Melatonin is secreted by the ______ gland. Pineal
Which of the following differences between male and female brains has not been supported by research? The corpus callosum is bigger in men than women
Created by: ANursingStudent