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Exam Techniques


What are the 3 types of compression devices? Tubigrip Long and short stretch wraps Pneumatic compression pumps
Which of the compression wraps do you have to meausure the circumference of the ankle before applied? Pneumatic and profore (multiple layer dressings)
Compression is a type of ___, _____ force External, mechanical
By increasing the amount of pressure on a body part, you are improving: Fluid balance,Circulation,Scar tissue,Tissue healing (by reducing edema)
Compression prevents fluid from escaping ____ Vasculature
Compression aids in the return of fluid back to ____ Vasculature
Compression decreases risk of ____ for patients with venous insufficiency ulceration
What is the primary clinical application of compression? Control of peripheral edema
Peripheral edema can be caused by: Vascular or lymphatic dysfunction,Local trauma and associated fluid accumulation
Arteries’ N pressure = 32mmHg
Veins N pressure = 15mmHg
____ diffuse out of the capillary bed, while _____ go into the cap. bed Proteins; waste products
When shaping a residual limb, do you use stump shapers (stump sock) for sub or acute ampuatation? Sub acute
When shaping a residual limb, do you use ace wraps for sub or acute ampuatation? Acute
2 types of compression are: Static and intermittent
Static= Constant compressive forces
Intermittent: this gives a “____ effect” Milking
May be the most beneficial type of compression intermitten
Hydrostatic pressure: typically weaker or stronger inside bl vessel? Stronger
Hydrostatic pressure pushes fluid out into ____ Interstitial spaces
What are the determinants for hydrostatic pressure? BP,Gravity effects,Vessel permeability,Size of veinistrations
Osmotic pressure: determined by ____ Protein concentration in blood
How do you measure the protein concentration in a pt’s bl? Albumin level
What level of albumin is too low? 2 dL
osmotic pressure: Typically higher in or out of the bl vessel? in
Os pressure: pulls fluid back into ____ Capillary network
What 3 main things can alter Hydrostatic and Os. Pressure? Diet,Mm contraction,Vascular dysfunction and circulatory conditions
mm contraction: if you have loss of function, then you lose _____ Mm pump
Nml ankle pressure = 90mmHg
ankle pressure with mm contraction = 200mmHg
What is the primary factor for moving bl and lymphatic fluid? Calf mm pump
Bl goes up, but since the valves in the veins are messed up, the bl falls right back down, this is known as what? venous reflux?
When more and more bl collects in the veins, which increases the pressure of the veins = ?? VHTN---distended veins
Increased pressure in communicating and superficial veins; from obstructed vessel or heredity Varicose veins
Occurs when increased pressure causes RBCs to get out of tissue; skin gets really dark Hemocidia
When you’re pregnant, you have an increase in ____ and ___ Bl volume and hydrostatic pressure
Hardening of skin is called Fibrosis
A protein rich environment leads to ____ infection
Infection causes decreased ___ &___ O2 and waste removal
If a pt is immobile, do you want to actively compress at all times? Yes
What kind of wraps would you use for imobile pt? Elastic or long stretch
If a pt is mobile, do you need a tight stretch on the LE all the time? No
what kind of wrap do you use for mobile pt? Inelastic, short stretch
P= NxTx4620 divided by CxW,this equation is the Law of ____ and determines LaPlace\pressure, number of layers, tension of wrap, and width of pressure you should apply to a pt according to their limb’s circumference
Tubigrip applies ___ mmHg 10-15 mmHg
TED hose applies ____mmHg 18 mmHg
Multi-layer bandages apply ____ mmHg 30-40mmHg
Should compression stockings be applied to someone is on their feet all day? no
The pressure applied on a LE with a pneumatic pump:Calf= 14
The pressure applied on a LE with a pneumatic pump:Knee= 8
The pressure applied on a LE with a pneumatic pump:Lower thigh= 10
The pressure applied on a LE with a pneumatic pump:Upper thigh= 8
How much pressure should healthy everyday ppl that are on their feet all day wear? 20-25mm Hg
What do you do before you apply compression? Check for adequate bl flow to extremity
Tx time for intermitten compression usu: 1-4 hrs,3 x wk,up to twice a day
Whats best to incorporate during intermitten compression tx? Gravity(elevate legs)Prior:Inspect skin,During:Check BP,Post tx:Re-inspect skin, re-measure girth of extremity, check BP, apply other compression
How high should the compression pressure be for the pt? 20 mmHg below diastolic
The pressure applied on a LE with a pneumatic pump:Feet= 18
Created by: txst fall 2008