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PT 202

WK 1 terminology

Ante Area An ISO Class 8 or better area where personal hand washing and garbing, labeling etc are performed. It is a low particulate room, which means it should not contain paper boxes are high particulate matter. Food & Drink should not be allowed in
BUD (beyond use date) the date or time after which a compounded sterile products should not be stored or transported
buffer area in area were the primary engineering control is physically located
clean room a room in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to me a specific airborne particulate clean this class
compounded sterile products CSP
critical site any opening or pathway that is at risk for contact with air or touch contamination
direct compounding area DCA
media fill test a test used to qualify aseptic techniques by compounding personnel or processes and to ensure that the processes used are able to produce their own products without contamination
negative pressure room
positive pressure room
administration sets
ampule breaker
ambulatory pump
Depth filter
Drip chamber
filter needles
filter straws
Final filters
Flexible bag
Heparin lock
Infusion pumps
Male & female adapters
Mini bags
Multi dose vial
Needle adapter
Roll clamp
Single dose vial
Syringe cap
Syringe needle
Transfer needle
Iso class 5
ISO class 8
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