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football quiz

Offense The team in possession of the ball.
Defense The team defending the goal.
Fumble A dropped ball, which becomes dead and is put into play from that spot
Line of Scrimmage An imaginary line, or vertical plane, passing through the end of the ball.
Offsides When a player is ahead of the ball before it is snapped. Penalty 5 yds.
Blocking The act of trying to prevent a player from advancing without using the hands.
Handoff An offensive play when the player hands the ball off to another whom attempts to advance the ball.
Lateral pass: An offensive play in which the ball is passed backwards or to the side. A lateral pass may be passed anywhere on the field.
Forward pass An offensive play in which the ball is thrown forward. This may only be done behind the line of scrimmage.
Safety A score made when the offensive team is tackled in their own end zone. 2 pts.
Interception : A defensive player receives a pass intended for the offense. The ball may be advanced for a touchdown or becomes the defensive team's ball at the spot it was intercepted.
Touchback When the ball becomes dead behind the opponent's goal line. The ball comes out to the 20 yd line.
Down: An attempt by the offensive team to advance the ball to score. (4 downs are allowed before the team loses possession)
Stance The position the players take to start a down. The three point stance is taken by players on the line and two point stance is taken by the players in the backfield.
Receivers: Players should catch the ball above the waist with their thumbs in as the hands give slightly and the thumbs turned out when the ball is below the waist.
Ball Carrier farthest from the defensive player. One end of the ball should be placed in the armpit and the other end held in the palm of the hand with the fingers spread comfortably around the end of the football.
Centering: The ball should be placed with the laces up and can be hiked with either one or two hands. (Two hands is the preferred method)
Incomplete Pass Is returned to the line of scrimmage and remains in possession of the offensive team, unless it was fourth down.
Created by: jrobert