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6th Grade

Unit 1: Foundations of Geography-Mrs. French

What is geography? The study of the world, its people, and the landscapes they create.
What is landscape/environment? All of the human and physical features that make a place unique/special; your surroundings
What are the three spatial scale levels geographers study the world from? Local, Regional, and Global
What are some tools geographers use? Maps, globes, satellite images, computers, charts, GPS, GIS
What is a map? A flat drawing that shows all or part of Earth's surface.
What is a globe? A spherical, or ball-shaped, model of the Earth.
What is a satellite image? A tool geographers use to see what land in an area looks like from above Earth.
What do you call the information that geographers and scientists gather? Data
What is the global level of geography? Studying geography at a level that looks at the whole world.
What is the regional level of geography? Studying a part of the world that shares one or more common features.
What is the local level of geography? Studying geography at a town or community level.
What do you call a person who studies geography? Geographer
What are the five themes of geography? Location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region.
What is location? The theme of geography that deals with where a place is located.
What is place? The theme of geography that describes special features or landscape of a location that make it different.
What is human-environment interaction (HEI)? The theme of geography that explains how people affect the environment and how the environment shapes what people can do.
What is movement? The theme of geography that describes the relationships between places or how people, ideas, goods and services get to different places in the world.
What is a region? Areas with common characteristics and features.
How is the theme of region used? To make comparisons and study areas with common features.
Give an example of a human interaction with Earth. Answers will vary-swimming, making roads, littering, recycling, planting,etc.
Give an example of how the environment controls what people can do. Clothes you can wear, weather and storm preparations
What are the two branches of geography? Physical and Human
Physical geography The study of the world's physical features-its landforms, bodies of water, climate, soils and plants.
Human geography The study of the world's people, communities, and landscapes.
Cartography The science of making maps.
Hydrology The study of water on Earth.
Meteorology The study of weather and what causes it.
Give examples of how geography is connected to your life. Answers will vary-Swim in lakes, mail letters, use the Internet to send info., visit landmarks and landforms, the clothes you choose to wear in different weather.
Name the perspectives of social studies. Geography, history, economics and government or political. culture
What do you call the shared memories, events, dates and important people of a group of people or country/region; the study of the past. History
Name the three types of maps. Political, physical and thematic
The type of map that shows the defined borders of places such as states or countries. political map
The type of map that shows elevation of land and landforms such as mountains, plains and rivers. Physical map
A special purpose map that shows a specific topic such as climate or population. Thematic map
What do you call a system of laws and lawmakers responsible for creating a safe, productive and orderly environment? government or political system
What do you call a system that includes all of the activities that people and businesses do to earn a living; the production and use of goods and services? economics
Why is a map more practical to use than a globe? Easier to use, less expensive, can show more than one topic or region.
Is a map or globe more accurate? Globe
What type of location is being used when you give a latitude/longitude coordinate or your exact mailing address? Absolute
I live west of the mall is an example of what type of location? Relative
Is New York City an example of human or physical geography? Human
Is food part of human or physical geography? Both, because human can manufacture food and food can also grow in a natural environment.
What type of crops are grown in the Midwest area of the USA is a question asked by a geographer studying what level of geography? Regional
Does Comstock Park need a bigger high school is a question asked by a geographer studying what level of geography? Local
Has the amount of trade increase or decreased between the USA and China is a question asked by a geographer studying what level of geography? Global
An electronic device based on satellites used to help locate places. GPS Global Positioning System
Mountains, rivers and natural resources are part of this branch of geography. Physical
What type of location gives you the general location of a place? Relative Location
Asking about what products can be exported from Africa to the United States would be a question asked by what perspective of social studies? Economics
Lines drawn on a globe to help locate places latitude and longitude
The beliefs, values, practices and traditions of a region or group of people. Culture
What do you call a view of something? Perspective
The Rocky Mountains are an example of which branch of geography? physical
Studying if climate change is happening around the world is an example of what level of geography? global
What are the four cardinal directions? north, south, east and west
What is the name of the zero line of latitude that splits earth into the northern and southern hemispheres? equator
What is the name of the zero line of longitude that splits the earth into the eastern and western hemispheres? Prime Meridian
What are some human geography features found in Comstock Park? The town, roads, bridges, park, schools, restaurants, neighborhoods, ballpark, stores.
What are some physical geography features found in Comstock Park? The river, streams, hills, forests, plains, seasonal weather, rainstorms, snow.
An important and recognizable physical or human feature of the earth. landmark
Give an example of a physical landmark. Grand Canyon, Angel Falls, Mt. Everest, Mammoth Caves
Give an example of a human landmark. Statue of Liberty, Giza Pyramids, Disney World, Eiffel Tower
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