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english 1

vocab 9+10

bilk swindle
homily a serman
demise death
emit to send out
decadence decay
aghast feeling great horror
granary a storehouse for grain
choleric eaily angered
impede to hinder
qualm a feeling of uneasyness
lampoon parody
narcissistic conceded
eradicate to wipe out
fabricate to concoct
ghastly frightfull; horrible
fallible capable of error
blatant obvious
dwadle to waste time
affiliate partner
fawn grovel
calumny a false accusation
berate to scold severely
minion servile follower
desolate uninhabiant
bane the cause of ruin
pacify to calm down
garble to mix up
prevaricate to lie
filch to steal
neophyte a begginer
Created by: wiseley36