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human sexuality 2-4

male female anatamy/desire

Vulva all female external genital structures
Mons Veneris (latin for "mound of Venus") Triangular mound over the pubic bone
Labia majora (outer lips) Extend downward from mons veneris on each side of the vulva
Labia minora(inner lips) Located within outer lips and may protrude between them.
what does the labia minora contain? sweat glands, blood vessels, and nerve endings
description of the Labia minora? Hairless folds of skin that join at hte prepuce (clitoral hood) and extend down past urinary and vaginal openings.
Clitoris Highly sensitive structure of the female external genitals.
what is the only organ in the human body whose only function is pleasure? Clitoris
Perineum Aria of skin between the vaginal opening and the anus
Circumcision cutting off the clitoral hood
Genital infibulation *Removal of the clitoris *Labia are cut off *Both sides of the vulva are stitched together
what procedures are done without anesthetics, disinfectants, or sterile instruments? Genital infibulation *removal of the clitoris *labia are cut off *both sides of the vulva are stitched together
how big is a vagina? *approx. 3-5 in. long--can elongate during arousal, stretch during childbirth, etc.
How many and what are the layers of the vagina? 3 layers: mucous,muscle,fibrous
what is the vaginas purpose? arousal and vaginal lubrication
where is the cervix located? at the upper/back end of the vagina and leads into the uterus
how much does the cervix dilate during child birth? dilates to 10cm opening during labor and birth
what is a uterus? hollow, thick, pear-shaped organ
how big is a uterus? 3 in. long, 2 in. wide in woman who have not had a child.
how many layers does a uterus wall have? 3 layers
overies endocrine glands that produce ova(eggs) and sex hormones
how many and what hormones does the ovaries produce? 3 types of hormones produced: estrogen's, progesterone's, testosterone
Mammography X-ray of the breast
what is a mammography used for? to detect breast lump before it can be felt manually. early detection increases survival
how often should you get a mammography? its recommended for women over 50 to get one yearly
what does the 5 year survival rate say? survival rate is lower for minority women than for white women. probably due to lack of access to preventable care.
Penis consists of internal root, external shaft, and glans
root the portion of the penis that extends internally into the pelvic cavity
shaft the length of the penis between the glans and the body
cavernous bodies the structures in the shaft of the penis that engorge with blood during sexual arousal
spongy body a cylinder that forms a bulb at the base of the penis, extends up into the penile shaft, and forms the penile glans. also engorge with blood during arousal
Foreskin a covering of skin over the penile glans
Corona the rim of the penile glans
Frenulum thin strip of skin connecting the glans to the shaft on the underside of the penis
Scrotum (or scrotal sac) pouch of skin that encloses the testes. two chambers in the scrotum each contains one testis
how many layers in the scrotum? two layers: skin layers and muscle layers(tunica dartos)
how is the scrotum usually positioned? normally hangs loosely from body wall -cold temps and sexual stimulation will cause it to move closer to the body
testis male gonad inside scrotum that produces sperm and sex hormones
what two functions does the testis have? secrete male hormones produce sperm: must hang below body for them to be at the proper temp for sperm production.
spermatic cord a cord attached to the testis inside the scrotum that contains the vas deferens, blood vessels, nerves, and muscle fibers
seminiferous tubules thin, highly coiled structures where sperm production occurs
epididymis site of sperm maturation runs along back of testis
vas deferens sperm-carrying tube begins at the testis and ends at the urethra
Prostate gland walnut-sixed gland at the base of the bladder. Secrete milky, alkaline fluid that makes up about 30% of volume of semen released during ejaculation
cowpers gland secrete an alkaline fluid during sexual arousal. Not the same as semen; released before ejaculation (pre-cum) thought to counteract acidity of male urethra and help lubricate flow of semen through the urethra
how many sperm per ejaculation? between 200-500 million sperm per ejaculation
what percent of the total volume of ejaculation is sperm? about 1% of total volume
ejaculation the process by which semen is expelled through the penis outside the body.
are ejaculation and orgasm the same thing? ejaculation is a separate process from orgasm, and the two may not always occur simultaneously
is it possible for men to experience multiple orgasms without ejaculation? yes
what are the two stages of ejaculation? emission phase: semen collects in the urethral bulb expulsion phase: semen is expelled
what are the medical benefits of a circumcision? -reduced rate of penile cancer -more sterile less of a risk of uti and std
what are the medical risks of circumcision? effects of sexual function are unclear possible surgical complications pain during circumcision
penile cancer one of the rarest forms of cancer
testicular cancer only 1% of cancers that occur in males one of the most common cancers that occur in young men 15-34
prostate cancer 200,000 men diagnosed and 30,000 die each year in U.S. one of the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men
sexual arousal excitation of the body as it responds to psychological and/or physical cues and stimulations
central arousal system internal factors located largely in the emotional and pleasure centers of the brain
peripheral arousal system external factors stem from the spinal cord and its voluntary and involuntary nervous control mechanisms
excitement pase erection of the penis and clitoris vaginal lubrication
plateau phase stable level of arousal may lead to orgasm
orgasm phase(climax) rush of pleasurable sensations lasts from a few seconds to less than a minute
resolution phase state of relaxation after climax body returns to its unexcited state
what are individual differences in sexual response? males tend to reach orgasm more rapidly than females women report different physical and psychological reactions during different orgasms
aging and female sexual response -thinning of vaginal lining -reduction in vaginal lubrication -increase in time of stimulation required to reach orgasm -increase in uterine cramping associated with orgasm -fewer muscular contractions during orgasm
aging and male sexual response -increase in amount of time for an errection -less of an urge for orgasm -refractory period lengthens -pre-cum secretion from Cowper's glands reduced -resolution phase occurs more rapidly
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