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human anatomy

study of the human body

what is a sternum? a bone that holds the ribs together to protect vital organs.
what is the orbital cavity? sometimes referred to as the eye socket this cavity cradles the eye.
what is the heart? The heart is a vital organ protected by ribs and can have diseases such as heart attacks due to high cholesterol.
what is the brain? The control center for the whole body this organ is protected by the skull and store information learned.
what is the ear? this body part made of soft cartilage has three bones inside of it that pick up sound and transmit to other more complex parts that relay it to the brain.
what are the lungs? the lungs are another vital organ that allow you to take in oxygen when needed to continue living. with out them you would die in seconds.
what is skin? skin, the larges organ in the body holds all parts of the body inside with a couple layers of fat and muscle
what is the stomach? the stomach holds up to 32 oz. of food in an average full grown man, it is the mixing basin of all food it has corrosive acids to digest all minerals inside of food to replenish the body
what is the colon? the colon is where waste from left over food is sent to get rid of threw the glutenous maximus later.
what is the bladder? the bladder is where into the all urine is held until it is later disposed of threw the other end (not the butt) into the toilet?
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