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Ther Intervention

Soft tissue mob

When is the best time to use STM Remodeling/maturation phase
In what direction is force applied direction of mm fibers
Pressure is in line with what? venous flow or toward heart
Tissues alternately compressed and released as hands slide over tissue, usu circular motion Kneading
Tissue is lifted away from underlying structures with both hands. Lifting/twisting Wringing
lift superficial tissues and roll them over deeper structures. Skin rolling
brisk percussive movements applied in a rapid, alternating fashion. Tapotment
STM: Absolute Contraindication Systemic/localized inf
STM: Absolute Contraindication Cellulitis
STM: Absolute Contraindication Fever
STM: Absolute Contraindication Malignancy
STM: Absolute Contraindication Sutures, staples, etc.
STM: Absolute Contraindication Recent fx
STM: Absolute Contraindication Hematoma or DVT
STM: Absolute Contraindication Friable skin
STM: Absolute Contraindication Osteomyelitis
STM: Relative Contraindications Jt effusion or inflam
STM: Relative Contraindications RA, Osteoporosis
STM: Relative Contraindications Signs of neurological injury
STM: Relative Contraindications CHF Hypermobility
STM: Relative Contraindications Pregnancy
STM: Relative Contraindications Dizziness
STM: Relative Contraindications Steroid or anticoagulant therapy
STM: Relative Contraindications Over areas 3-6 mths post radiation therapy
STM: Relative Contraindications Marked varicosities
STM: Relative Contraindications Skin rashes
STM: Relative Contraindications Newly formed scar tissue
Created by: txst fall 2008
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