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Taking Tests

preparing for test taking

Visualizing success can help you pass a test. True or False True
What should you do to prepare yourself physically and emotionally for a test? You should get a good nights sleep and eat a good meal before the test.
You should preview a test before you start. True or False True
the first part of a test smart plan is to answer easy questions first. True or false True
The second part of a test smart plan is to answer the questions worth the least points. True or False False
If you are not sure of the answer to a true or false question you should never guess. True or False False
If the question contains an unconditional word such as all, only, never or always the answer is probably false. True or False True
What should you do if you are reduced to taking a pure guess on a true or false question You should guess true.
The second rule of a test-smart plan is spend time in proportion to ___________ ___________ points available
After answering a fill in the blank question read the sentence to make sure it makes ______. sense
If you get stuck on a test question _______ ____. move on
Review your answers. Start with the sections that offer the ______ ______. most points
Even by guessing on true/false questions you are likely to get _______ of them right. half
The C in core learning system stands for A. collected B. common C. caring D. counseling A. collected
On a test you should answer the ______ questions first. A. hardest B. easiest C. longest B. easiest
The O in the Core learning system stands for ______ A. open B. organized C. oral D. obvious B. organized
You should visualize __________ before starting a test. A. success B. lunch C. something peaceful A. success
A multiple choice question is actually a group of _______/_______ questions. A. long/short B. easy/hard C. true/false C. true/false
when answering questions from a reading passage you should read the ______ and ______ ______ first. A. questions and possible answers B. Passage and possible answers A. questions and possible answers
What does C.O.R.E. stand for in the core learning system? A. ________ B. ________ C. ________ D. ________ Collected Organized Rehearsed Evaluated
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