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raj s

Air & Refrigeration flashcards

What is resistance measured in? ohms
Force times distance equals what? f x d = work
What does rpm mean? rpm= revolutions per minute
1 horsepower is equal to how many watts? 1 hp = 746 watts
What is latent heat of condensation? latent heat of condensation isamount of heat energy, in btu/lb required to change vapor into a liquid
What is latent heat of vaporation? latent heat of vaporation is the amount of heat energy, in btu/lb required to change a substance into a vapor
What is latent heat? latent or hidden heat is heat added but no temperature rises
What is sensible heat? sensible heat is when temperature changes and can be registered
What is natural convection? natural convection is heated air that rises naturally
What is Convection in dealing with heat? convection is heat when it is moved from one place to another
What is conduction when dealing with heat? conduction is heat when it is moved from one molecule to another
What is One Ton Of Refrigeration? in a 24hr period, 144BTU x 2000lbs = 288,000 BTU
What is a Evaporator? a evaporator absorbs heat into the system 3 functions 1. absorb heat 2. allow heat to boil off 3. allow heat to superheat refrigerant vapors
What is a compressor? also known as a vapor pump, it reduces the pressure on low side and increases the heat on the high side
What is a reciprocating compressor? a compressor that uses a piston in a cylinder to compress the refrigerant
Created by: Raj S