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Medical Terminology

Red Module- Female Reproductive System

abortion deliberate termination of pregnancy
cervicitis inflammation of the cervix
colostrum fluid produced by the mammary glands for the first few days after childbirth; contains proteins, lactose, & antibodies
colpectomy surgical removal of the vagina
colpoperinectomy surgical removal of the vagina & perineum
colposcopy process of examining the vagina & cervix with a colposcope
cryosurgery freezing tissue to destroy cells
dilatation & curettage a widening of the cervix & scraping of the uterine lining
eclampsia a severe hypertensive disorder of pregnancy
endocervicitis inflammation within the uterus
endometrial biopsy test using a thin, hollow curette to remove endometrial tissue for analysis
endometriosis growth of endometrial cells outside the uterus
episiorrhaphy suturing of the perineum
fibroids benign uterine tumors
fimbriae finger-like projections at the end of each fallopian tube
galactorrhea flow or discharge of milk
gravida a pregnant woman
gynecologist one who studies the female reproductive system
hemosalpinx blood in the fallopian tubes
hymenotomy incision into the hymen
hysterectomy surgical removal of the uterus
hysterosalpingography process of x-raying the uterus & fallopian tubes
intrauterine within the uterus
laparohysterectomy surgical removal of the uterus through the abdomen
laparoscopy process of examining the abdominal cavity with a laparoscope
mammary pertaining to the breast
mammography process of x-raying the breast
menarche beginning of menstruation
menorrhagia excessive menstruation
menstruation monthly process of sloughing off the inner lining of the uterus when pregnancy does not occur
miscarriage natural spontaneous termination of pregnancy
multigravida many pregnancies
natal pertaining to birth
oocyte egg cell; ovum
oophoritis inflammation of an ovary
oophorosalpingohysterolaparoscopy process of examining the ovaries, fallopian tubes, & uterus using a laparoscope (through the abdomen)
oral contraceptives medication to supress ovulation
oxytocin hormone or medication used to cause contractions of the uterus
papanicolaou smear smear of cervical & vaginal cells which are examined microscopically to detect cancer cells in the cervix
pelvimetry measurement of the pelvis
perineal pertaining to the perineum
primigrivada a woman during her first pregnancy
progesterone hormone responsible for stimulating the endometrium to complete its preparation for pregnancy or menstrual flow
pyosalpinx pus in the fallopian tube
salpingitis inflammation of the fallopian tubes
salpingo-oophorectomy surgical removal of the fallopian tubes & ovaries
spermicide chemical which destroys sperm
tubal ligation surgical procedure in which the fallopian tubes are tied to prevent pregnancy
tubal sterilization surgical procedure in which the fallopian tubes are cauterized or have clips used to destroy parts of the fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancies
vaginitis inflammation of the vagina
vulvectomy surgical removal of the vulva
zygote a fertilized ovum
cesarean section delivery of fetus by incision into the uterus
copulation act of uniting in sexual intercourse
bacterial vaginitis inflammation of the vagina caused by gardnerella bacteria
orgasm occurs at the height of sexual stimulation, may help sperm move through genital tract
dysmenorrhea painful menstruation
vulva external genitals
genital tract consists of the fallopian tubes, uterus, & vagina
sphincter a muscle that encircles & contracts a duct, tube, or opening
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