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acetaminophen; butalbital; caffeine : a SEET a MIN o fen; byoo TAL bi tal; KAF een Fioricet Tension headache
acetaminophen; hydrocodone : a SEET a MIN o fen; hye droe KOE done Vicodin; Norco; Lortab Pain
acyclovir : ay SYE kloe veer Zovirax Viral infections
adalimumab : ad a LIM moo mab Humira Rheumatoid Arthritis
adapalene : a DAP a leen Differin Acne
albuterol : al BYOO ter ol Ventolin; Proventil Asthma
alendronate : a LEN droe nate Fosamax Osteoporosis
alfuzosin : al FEW zoe sin Uroxatral Enlarged prostate
allopurinol : al o PURE i nole Zyloprim Gout
alprazolam : al PRAY zoe lam Xanax Anxiety
amiodarone : AM e OH da rone Cordarone; Pacerone Heart arrhythmias
amitriptyline : am mee TRIP ti leen Elavil Depression
amlodipine : am LOE di peen Norvasc Hypertension
amlodipine; benazepril : am LOE di peen; ben AZ e pril Lotrel Hypertension
amoxicillin : a mox i SIL in Amoxil Infection
amoxicillin; clavulanate : a mox i SIL in; KLAV yoo lan ate Augmentin Infection
amphetamine; dextroamphetamine : dex troe am FET a meen; am FET a meen Adderall ADD
aripiprazole : air i PIP ra zohl Abilify Schizophrenia
aspirin; butalbital; caffeine : AS pir in; byoo TAL bi tal; KAF een Fiorinal Tension headache
aspirin; dipyridamole : AS pir in; dye pye RID a mol Aggrenox Clot prevention
atenolol : a TEN oh lol Tenormin Hypertension
atomoxetine : at o MOX e teen Strattera ADD
atorvastatin : a TORE va sta tin Lipitor High blood cholesterol
azelastine : a ZEL a steen Astelin; Optivar Allergies
azithromycin : a ZITH roe MYE sin Zithromax Infection
beclomethasone : be kloe METH a sone QVAR; Beconase Asthma
benzonatate : ben ZO na tate Tessalon Perles Cough
bimatoprost : bi MA to prost Lumigan Glaucoma
brimonidine : bri MOE ni deen Alphagan P Glaucoma
budesonide : bue DES oh nide Pulmicort; Rhinocort Asthma
budesonide; formoterol : b-you DES oh nide; for MOT er ol Symbicort Asthma
buprenorphine; naloxone : byoo pre NOR feen; nal OX own Suboxone Opioid addiction
bupropion : b-you PRO pee on Wellbutrin; Zyban Depression-smoking cessation
carbamazepine : kar ba MAZ e peen Tegretol; Carbatrol; Equetro Seizures
carbidopa; levodopa : kar bi DOE pa; lee voe DOE pa Sinemet Parkinsons
carisoprodol : kar EYE soe PROE dol Soma Muscle relaxer
carvedilol : KAR vay dil ol Coreg Hypertension
cefdinir : SEF di neer Omnicef Infection
cefuroxime : sef your OX eem Ceftin Infection
celecoxib : SEL e KOX ib Celebrex Inflammation
cephalexin : sef a LEX in Keflex Infection
cinacalcet : sin a CAL set Sensipar Hyperparathyroidism
ciprofloxacin : sip roe FLOX a sin Cipro Infection
ciprofloxacin; dexamethasone : sip roe FLOX a sin; dex a METH a sone Ciprodex otic Infection
citalopram : si TAL o pram Celexa Depression
clarithromycin : kla RITH roe MYE sin Biaxin Infection
clonazepam : kloe NAY ze pam Klonopin Anxiety
clonidine : KLON ih deen Catapres Hypertension
clopidogrel : kloh PID oh grel Plavix Clot prevention
colesevelam : koh le SEV e lam Welchol High blood cholesterol
conjugated estrogens : KON joo gay ted ES troe jens Premarin Menopause
cyclobenzaprine : sye kloe BEN za preen Flexeril Muscle relaxer
cyclosporine : SYE klo spor in Restasis ophthalmic Dry eyes
dabigatran : da BIG a tran Pradaxa Clot prevention
darifenacin : dar e FEN a sin Enablex Overactive bladder
desloratadine : des lor AT a deen Clarinex Allergies
desvenlafaxine : des VEN la FAX een Pristiq Depression
dexamethasone : dex a METH a sone Decadron Steroid
dexlansoprazole : DEX lan SOE pra zol Dexilant GERD
diazepam : dye AZE e pam Valium Anxiety
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