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Effective tools for writing

What are the elements needed to create a meaningful journal? Choose all that apply. a. copy directions b. be spontaneous c. be honest d. be creative e. dive deep a,b,c,d and e
Writing is essential to success in college. T/F True
Writing has many benefits. T/F True
The C in the CORE learning system stands for. a. communicate b. create c. collect d. change Collect
The O in the CORE learning system stands for. a. organize b. object c. occlude d. observe Organize
The R in the CORE learning system stands for. a. renew b. research c. revise d. Rehearse Rehearse
The E in the CORE learning system stands for. a. edit b. evaluate c. earn d. English Evaluate
Writing well enhances learning. T/F True
Writing helps you maintain relationships. T/F True
Most experts recognize there are four components to the writing process. What are the four components? Choose all that apply. a. prewriting b. writing c. revising d. editing e. drawing a,b,c and d
_______ includes any preparation you do before actually writing. a. editing b. revising c. prewriting d. writing Prewriting
_______ is the act of creation- turning your raw materials into a document that achieves your defined purpose. a. prewriting b. writing c. editing d. revising Writing
_______ is also known as rewriting. a. editing b. prewriting C. writing d. revising Revising
Revising is a kind of rehearsing from the CORE learning system. T/F True
Writing is also called drafting. T/F True
_______ eliminates surface problems. a. editing b. revising c. writing d. prewriting Editing
Experienced writers spend as much (or even more) time ______ as they took planning and writing the first draft. a. reading b. revising c. researching d. typing Revising
Writing is not important to success. T/F True
How important is writing to you? Writing is very important, it is a foundation for a successful education.
What have you learned about writing that you will apply on future assignments? Revising is a very important tool and often times takes more time than actually writing the paper.
Created by: Stephwilson1108