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imaging 1 chapter 11

radiology technology- imaging 1 chapter 11

what is the relationship between distance and density/ IR exposure? x-ray intensity will decrease as the distance from the tube increases
what is the relationship between mAs and density? exposure is directly proportional to mAs mAs is used as the primary controller of radiographic film density and image receptor exposure
what is penetrability the ability of a cute current (mA) and exposure time (s)
what 2 things affect quality? kVp and filtration
what is the reciprocity law the density should remain unchanged as long as the intensity and duration of the x-ray exposure remains unchanged
density is a direct result of... an exposure to the film and intensifying screen
what is x-ray quality measurement of penetrating ability of the x-ray beam
what is the inverse square law? the intensity of radiation as given distance from a point of source is inversely proportional to the square of the distance
what is the direct square law a direct relationship is necessary to compensate for the changes in intensity and film density
what can be changed or adjusted to compensate for the changes in distance mAs
an increase in ___ will increase the speed and energy of the electrons across the x-ray tube kVp
as x-ray photon energy increases the penetrating ability of the photon increases
what is the 15% rule an increase in kVp by 15% will cause a doubling in density/ exposure
the intensity of x-rays will _____ as the distance from the tube _____ decrease increase
what 2 things does the kVp determine? size of the object amount of contrast needed
3 prime factors that affect the x-ray beam that are under a radiology technologist control are mAs kVp distance
what is Roentgen (R) unit of measurement
what 4 things affect the quantity kVp mAs distance filtration
what is the primary controller of quality mAs
if the mAs increases, the x-ray exposure increases the density.... also increases
any combination of mA and exposure time will create the same density
how is density measured? densitometer
what is the x-ray quantity measures the # of x-ray photons in the useful beam AKA x-ray output, intensity, exposure
what is mAs measurement of x-ray tube current
what is half value layer (HLV) thickness of the absorbing material needed to reduce the x-ray quality to one half if its original value
what is density? how dark the film is
what is ampere equal to an electric charge
how do you find "mA" mAa / time
how do you find "time" mAs / mA
how do you find the mAs mA * time
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