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KSPT Pre,suf, & rts

Medical Prefixes, suffixes, & root words

-ac pertaining to
aden/o- gland
-al pertaining to
albumin/o- protein
-algia pain
ankyl/o- crooked or stiff
-ar/y pertaining to
-asthenia weakness
ather/o- fatty paste
brady- slow
-cele pouching/hernia
celi/o abdomen
chol/e bile
chondr/o cartilage (gristle)
con- together or with
cyan/o blue
cyst/o bladder or sac
dactyl/o digit (finger or toe)
de- from, down, or not
dextr/o right; on the right side
dia- across or through
diaphor/o profuse sweat
dis- separate from or apart
dips/o thirst
duct/o to lead/carry
-dynia pain
dys- painful, difficulty, or faulty
ec-/ecto- outside
emesis vomiting
-ema condition
-emia blood condition
en, endo- within
erythem/o flushed; redness
erythr/o red
esthesi/o, -esthesia nervous sensation
eti/o cause
eu- good or normal
-eurysm widening
fasci/o fascia (membrane)
flav/o yellow
-gen substance that produces
-genic produced by or in
-globin protein
gloss/o tongue
gnos/o knowledge
goni/o angle
-gram record
-graphy process of recording
gravid/o pregnancy
hepato/hepatico liver
hist/o tissue
-holo entire; complete
hyster/o uterus; womb
-ia condition of
-iac pertaining to
-iasis formation of or presence of
-iatr/o physician; treatment
-iatry treatment
-ic/-ical pertaining to
idi/o unknown; individual; distinct
in- in; into; not
-in a substance
is/o equal, same
isch/o to hold back; back
-ism process; condition
-ist one who specializes in
juxta- near
jaund/o yellow
kyph/o humpback
labi/o lip
lapar/o abdomen
-lapse to slide, fall, sag
-leptic to seize; take hold of
leuk/o white
levo- left
lex/o word; phrase
-lexia word; phrase
lien/o spleen
lith/o stone; calculus
lord/o curve; bend
lux/o to slide
-lysis breaking down; separation; loosening
-lytic reduce, destroy, separate, break down
-malacia softening
-megaly enlargement
meso- middle
meta- beyond, change
-motor movement
my/o muscle
myc/o fungus
myel/o bone marrow; spinal cord
narc/o numbness; stupor; sleep
neutr/o neither; neutral
noci- to cause harm, injury, pain
norm/o rule; order
ocul/o eye
-oid resembling
-ole small
-oma tumor; mass
onc/o tumor
-one hormone
-opia vision condition
-opsy view of
orth/o straight, normal, or correct
-osis condition (usu abnormal)
-ous pertaining to
-oxia oxygen
palp/o to touch gently
palpit/o flutter; throbbing
pan- all
par- other than; abnormal
para- alongside of OR abnormal
-paresis weakness
-pathy disease; emotion
pector/o chest
ped/o child or foot
pelv/i, pelv/o hip; pelvis
-penia abnormal reduction
per- through
phag/o eat; swallow
pharyng/o pharynx (throat)
-phasia speech
phleb/o vein
-philia attraction for
phon/o voice; sound
phren/o diaphragm
physi/o physical, nature
-physis to grow
-plasia development; formation
-plasty surgical repair
-plegia paralysis
pleur/o pleura
-pnea breathing
pneum/o air or lung
pod/o foot
-porosis condition of pores (spaces)
-praxia action
psych/o mind
-ptosis droop; sag; prolapse; protrude
pulmun/o lung
radi/o radius; radiation
radicul/o nerve root
re- again or back
ren/o kidney
rhin/o nose
roentgen/o x-rays
-rrhage/ia bursting forth (blood)
-rrhea flow; discharge
rubr/o, rubr/l red
schiz/o split, division
scler/o hard or sclera
-sclerosis hardening
-scope instrument for examination
-scopy visual examination
sect/o to cut
seps/o infection
sept/o partiton
sinus/o hollow (cavity)
-sis state of; condition
somn/o sleep
spasm involuntary contraction
splanchno viscera (internal organs)
sphygm/o pulse
spir/o breathing
spondyl/o vertebra
-stalsis contraction
-stasis stop; control; place
-static stopping; controlling
-stenosis tightening; stricture
steth/o chest
-sthenia strength
stomat/o mouth
-stomy creation of an opening
super- above; excessive
sym- together; with
symptom/o occurrence
syn- together; with
tachy- fast/rapid
tax/o coordination
ten/o tendon
-tension pressure
tens/o stretched, strained
thalam/o thalamus (a room)
therm/o heat
thromb/o clot
-tropia to turn
-thymic/-ia mind (condition of)
-tic pertaining to
tom/o to cut
-tomy cutting; incision
tans- across; through
trich/o hair
-tripsy to crush
-trophy nourishment; development
-ule little; small
ur/o urine
-uresis urination
-uria condition of urine
vag/o vagus (nerve)
varic/o swollen or twisted vein
vas/o vessel; duct
-version to turn
vesic/o urinary bladder
vestibul/o vestibule of inner ear
-volemia blood volume
xen/o strange
xer/o dry
-y condition; process
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