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TV Lighting/Editing

horizontal movement of letters across the TV screen usually used to indicate a changing weather pattern Crawl
this type of lighting illuminates from the front side of the subject, usually on the opposite side from the key light side light
what is a complete scanning cycle of the electron beam, which occurs every 1/30 seconds, in film the smallest picture unit frame
any abrubt transition between shots that violates the established continuity jump cut
television editing done after the production post production
the up and down movement of credits at the end of a show roll
when changing a burned out lamp, never touch this lamp with your fingers quartz lamp
this type of light separates the subject from the background back light
this type of light illuminates from the back off to one side of the subject kicker light
this type of lighting is used to reduce shadows, not used in dramatic situations fill light
this light illuminates the background set light
although normally used as key lights, some of these types of lights can be used as fill lights spotlights
Created by: cnuss