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Phy Sci Test 1

Scientific Method/Lab Safety/Measurements

Which step in the scientific method involves having a two part set up? Experiment
Describe independent variable It is the factor being tested for example: fertilizer added to a plant is the independent variable
Describe dependent variable It is what happens in the experiment as a direct result of adding the independent variable for example:the tomatoes grew larger so this is the dependent variable
In stating the problem for your experiment, what form should it be in? Always in question form
what are words you should never use in the hypothesis or conclusion? Do not use words such as maybe, I think etc.
What is a variable? The factor being tested or the factor that changes.
The experimental group in an experiment is compared to the... control group
Broken glassware should never be put where? In a classroom trashcan
If glass is broken, what should you do first? Tell your teacher and do not try to clean it up on your own
Why should you not eat or drink in the lab? Your food may be contaminated or you could accidentally ingest a dangerous chemical
How should you smell a chemical? Waft it toward your nose with one hand.
What should you do before anything in the lab? listen to or read the instructions carefully
What are the three categories listed on the hazmat diamond? Health Flammability Reactivity
What is the number scale on the hazmat diamond? 0-4
What should yo do with long hair in the lab? Always put it up
What are the most common lab injuries? cuts/punctures burns
What type of shoes should be worn in the lab? Closed toe shoes
What is an exact quantity people agree to use for comparison? A standard
What people in the past use for measurement? The body parts of the current King.
What are the only 3 countries to use the English system of measurement? United States Myanmar Liberia
What is the metric unit for length meter
What instrument is used for length metric ruler
What is the metric unit used for mass gram
What instrument is used for mass metric balance or triple beam balance
What is the metric unit for volume liter or cubic centimeter
What instrument is used for volume glassware or metric ruler
What is volume the amount of space an object takes up
What unit is used for temperature? degrees celcius
how do you calculate volume? length x width x height
What is the unit for measuring time second
What instrument is used to calculate time stopwatch
Who came up with the standard for time? Galileo
value of kilo 1000
value of hecto 100
value of deca 10
value of deci 0.1
value of centi 0.01
value of milli 0.001
abbreviation for milliliter mL
abbreviation for centimeter cm
abbreviation for gram g
abbreviation for meter m
abbreviation for millimeter mm
convert: 200mg to g .2 g
convert: 2500m to km 2.5 km
convert: 50cm to m .5 m
convert: 75 mL to L .075 L
convert: 5.6 m to mm 5600 mm
compare < > or = 63 cm and 6m .63 m < 6m
compare < > or = 536cm and 53.6 dm 536cm = 536cm
How do you calculate density? 1) find the mass 2)find the volume 3) divide mass/volume
find the density: a ruby has a volume of 1.6 cubic cm and a mass of 6.7g d=m/v d=6.7g/1.6cm d=4.19 g/cubic cm
calculate the density of a liquid with the volume of 28mL and a mass of 26.4 g d=m/v d=26.4g/28mL d=.94g/mL
List the steps of the scientific method 1) What is the problem? 2) Gather information 3) Make a hypothesis 4) Experiment 5) Record Data 6) Conclusion 7) Repeat the experiment
Created by: dpridgen