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Lesson 1 Eng. Voc

Lesson 1 Eng. Voc.

Antiseptic NOUN a substance that kills that kills germs.
Antiseptic ADJECTIVE free from germs.
Attentive ADJECTIVE paying attention, considerate of needs of others, thoughtful.
Befuddle VERB to confuse completely.
Commonplace ADJECTIVE anything common, uninteresting or taken for granted.
Disruption NOUN an interruption of something; a disturbance; a breakdown.
Flamboyant ADJECTIVE highly colorful, flashy, or dashing.
Infallible ADJECTIVE 1 not capadable of of error; never wrong.
Infallible ADJECTIVE 2 dependable; without failure; certain.
Jaunt NOUN a short trip,especially on taken for pleasure.
Laden ADJECTIVE loaded; weighted down.
Lure NOUN something that strongly attracts or tempt.
Lure VERB to attract; to tempt
Queue NOUN a line of people, vehicles, and so on.
Queue VERB to form, stand, or wait in a line.
Revive VERB 1 to come or bring back to consciousness or life.
Revive VERB 2 to give or show new life, strong, strength, or freshness.
Shameless ADJECTIVE having or showing no shame, moral goodness, or sense of what is proper.
Slander NOUN a false statement that is damaging to another person's repututation.
Slander VERB to use or spread slander.
Wholesome ADJECTIVE 1 good for one's physical or mental health; healthful.
Wholesome ADJECTIVE 2 of value to the mind or characters; worthwhile.
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