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Physical Science

Chapter One

System of measurement based on referents in nature, but not with the human body: Metric System
What not considered a fundamental property? Weight
How much space something is occupying: Volume
Relationship between two numbers that is usally obtained by dividing one number by the other: Ratio
Ratio of mass per volume of a substance: Density
If you consider a very small proportion of a material that is the same throughout the density of the small sample will be: The same
The Symbol "triangle" means: The same
A 5km span is the same as how many meters? 500m
Which of the following is not a measurement? 120
If one variable increases in value while a second, related variable decreases in value, the relationship is said to be: Inverse
Statements describing how nature is observed to behave consistently time after time are called scientific: Law
A hypothesis concerned with a specific phenomenon is found to be acceptable through many experiments over a long period of time. The hypothesis usually becomes known as a: Theory
A scientific law can be expressed as: Written concept, equation, graph...
What is the proportional relationship between the volume of juice in a cup and the time the juice dispenser has been running? Direct proportion
What is the proportional relationship between the number of cookies in the cookie jar and the time you have been eating the cookies? Inverse Proportion
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