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怎么办 how(to do) zěn me bàn
退票 returned ticket tuì piào
虽然......但是...... although; but suī rán ......dàn shì ......
售票处 ticket office shòu piào chù
放心 set one's mind at rest; rest assureed fàng xīn
一会儿 a little while(later); in a minute yī huì ér
to meet jiàn
一起 together yī qǐ
a measure word for recreational or sports activites chǎng
年轻人 young people nián qīng rén
even more; still more gèng
to understand dǒng
不过 but; however bú guò
听说 someone heard (that) tīng shuō
越来越 adjective more and more adjective yuè lái yuè
各种各样 various; all kinds of gè zhǒng gè yàng
脸谱 types of facial makeup in Peking operas liǎn pǔ
武打 acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance wǔ dǎ
电影 movie diàn yǐng
电视影集 TV series diàn shì yǐng jí
动画 animation dòng huà
冒险 adventure mào xiǎn
恐怖 horror kǒng bù
古装 classical gǔ zhuāng
喜剧 comedy xǐ jù
浪漫爱情 romance làng màn ài qíng
京剧 Peking opera jīng jù
Created by: hcl
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