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African Art History3


What are the three sculptures that reflect beliefs nkondi figures, kneeling figures, horse riders
what peoples made the nkondi figures congo
what time were the nkondi figures made 20th century
what peoples made the kneeling figures nok of nigeria
what time were the kneeling figures made 800bce to 200ce
what peoples made the horse rider figures jenne-jeno of Mali
what time were the horse rider figures made 9th to 11th century
How were the nkondi figures used as a connection to ancestors Mirrors in place of eyes are gateways into ancestors eyes
What do nkondi figures feature that connects them to the heavens They are covered with feathers
How were the powers of the nkondi figures activated by driving a nail into them
what was a deep concern of the people who made the kneeling figures, how was it apparent tropical diseases, lesions on body of figure
kneeling figures represented a resilient malignant force a snake wrapped around human body
which figures represent a submission to a higher power kneeling figures
what devotion is implied by the horse and the rider the devotee to his diety
Which nuts did horse rider figures sometimes contain, what was their purpose kola nuts, served to guests
raised arms on which figures ask for forgiveness for errors commited horse rider figures
Created by: ribeezy