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African Art History2


3 Dresses and Costumes that reflect values Sowei Mask, Hunter Shirt, Crest Mask
The Sowei mask was made in which century 19th century
Which peoples made the sowei mask The Mende peoples of Liberia
what was the sowei mask's purpose to serve as an initiation to women coming of age
what signified wealth and prosperity in the sowei mask chin rolls
what signifies wisdom in sowei mask closed mouth
What signifies intellect in a sowei mask down cast eyes
What makes the hunter shirt design extremely unique among native African clothes the T-shirt shape
what century is the hunter shirt from 20th century
What peoples produced hunting shirts Mende of Liberia
What was unique to the hunting shirts that facilitated use of magic pockets for sacred plants
What about the hunter shirt signifies danger, and to whom covering of teeth, his enemies and society
What part of the crest mask reveals the gender that is unique to it's culture the number of antlers, and the mane
What peoples made the crest mask Bamana, of Mali
What century was the crest mask produced in 20th century
In what way do crest masks reward farming success with appearance of antelope
What staple crop do the Crest mask's long antlers signify millet
What are the three important things about the sowei mask chin rolls, closed mouth, downcast eyes
What are the three important things about the crest mask antelope reward, antler number / mane, long antlers
what are the three important things about the hunter shirt shape, pockets, teeth
Created by: ribeezy
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