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Medical Terminology

Orange Module - Endo/Integ

acromegaly enlarged extremities
adrenalectomy surgical removal of the adrenal gland
albinism congenital disorder causing partial or complete absence of melanin in the skin, hair, & eyes
alopecia hair loss
anaphylactic shock severe allergic reaction
corticosteroids hormones released by the adrenal cortex
dermatome instrument used to cut skin
dermatotherapy treatment of the skin
endocrine gland ductless gland that secretes hormones directly into the bloodstream
erythema red skin
exocrine gland glands with ducts that secrete their substance outside of the body
fasting blood sugar blood test determining the amount of glucose in the blood after 12 hours of fasting
gangrene necrosis of tissue
glucagon hormone secreted by the pancreas to increase blood sugar
glucogenesis formation of glucose
hidradenitis inflammation of a sweat gland
hirsutism excessive hair growth in females
hypercalcemia increased calcium in the blood (Ca+)
hyperkalemia excessive potassium in the blood (Ka+)
hyperparathyroidism excessive secretion of PTH
hypoglycemia decreased glucose in the blood
hyponatremia decreased sodium in the blood (Na+)
hypoparathyroidism under secretion of PTH
ichthyosis extremely dry, scaly skin
insulin hormone secreted by the pancreas to decrease blood sugar
ketoacidosis condition in diabetics where the body does not metabolize carbs & uses fat for energy
melanoma black, cancerous tumor
mycology the study of fungus
obesity excessive accumulation of fat in the body
onycholysis destruction of a nail
onychomalacia softening of the nails
pachyderma thick skin
pancreatectomy surgical removal of the pancreas
pancreatitis inflammation of the pancreas
parasiticides drugs that kill parasites
parathyroidectomy surgical removal of the parathyroid glands
polydipsia excessive thirst
pruritus itching
purulent discharge of pus
pustule blister-like elevation of skin containing pus
sanguinous discharge of blood
scleroderma autoimmune disorder characterized by gradual hardening of the skin
seborrhea discharge of oil
serosanguinous discharge of blood-tinged fluid
serous discharge of serum or clear fluid
somatic pertaining to the body
somatotropin growth hormone
steatorrhea discharge of fat
subcutaneous under the skin
subungual under the nail
tetany cramp, convulsions, & twitching of muscles
thyroid scan test to determine the size, shape, & location of the thyroid gland
thyrotoxicosis excessive thyroid hormone in the body causing a toxic condition
trichomycosis fungal infection of the hair shaft
urticaria hives
vesicle blister-like elevation of the skin
virile having adult male characteristics
wheal fluid-filled elevation of the skin
xanthoderma yellow skin
xeroderma dry, rough skin
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