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个子 stature; height gè zi
整齐 neat zhěng qí
handsome shuài
to ask; to let ràng
to pick(sb.) up; receive jiē
一......就...... no sooner than......;as soon as......; yī ......jiù ......
打电话 to call someone; to telephone dǎ diàn huà
卧室 bedroom wò shì
楼上 upstairs lóu shàng
客厅 living room kè tīng
厨房 kitchen chú fáng
楼下 downstairs lóu xià
一边......一边...... to join two parallel actions) yī biān ......yī biān ......
看报纸 read newspaper kàn bào zhǐ
看天气预报 read weather forecast kàn tiān qì yù bào
上班 go to work shàng bān
again(used for an actual action) yòu
准备 prepare zhǔn bèi
做(早,午,晚)饭 make (breakfast, lunch, dinner) zuò (zao, wu, wan) fàn
messy luàn
look for, search zhǎo
忘了 forgot wànɡ le
长什么样 what does someone look like zhǎnɡ shén me yànɡ
告诉 to tell ɡào sù
刚才 a moment earlier ɡānɡ cái
晚会 gathering; party wǎn huì
参加 participate; attend cān jiā
开车 drive car kāi chē
地方 place dì fānɡ
to drink
忘记 forget wànɡ jì
车库 garage chē kù
卫生间 bathroom wèi shēng jiān
楼房 building lóu fáng
layer; floor céng
兴趣 interests xìng qù
如果 if rú guǒ
出租 for rent chū zū
喝咖啡(茶) drink coffee ( or tea) he ka fei (cha)
做作业 do homework zuò zuò yè
看电视 watch TV kàn diàn shì
go somewhere
activity 完 finish activity activity wán
干净 clean gān jìng
dirty zāng
just gāng
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