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SuperWhoLock TNRN

The Characters from the SuperWhoLock fic, along with some from TNRN.

Dean Winchester A hunter from Lawrence, Kansas. He likes pie, hates most angels, and is a very protective older brother.
Sam Winchester Also a hunter from Lawrence, Kansas. A little brother with visions of the future and the power to excorsize demons from their vessels.
The Doctor (XI) The eleventh incarnation with fringed hair, a tweed jacket, and a bowtie (and sometimes a fez) that he has named "cool".
Lily Potter the Second A firey 1200 year old TimeLady with ghost powers. Don't tick her off, or she will erase you from existence.
Sherlock Holmes The world's only consulting detective. He is a "high-functioning sociopath" as he calls it, with exceptional observation skills.
John Watson Sherlock's best friend and flatmate. He is the only one who came with him who matters to Sherlock.
Mycroft Holmes Sherlock's older brother who occupies a "minor" position in the British Government.
Castiel An Angel of the Lord, he is the Winchester's guardian and best friend. He is not very accustomed to human activities and is confused a lot.
Bill Cypher The older brother of Providence (By 1 min.), he was trapped on the moon for 2020 years when Providence turned evil due to the Nightmare.
Providence Cypher Bill's younger brother by one minute, he and his brother are half demon/half human. They're ancient beings, "Triplets with the universe", as Bill calls it.
Created by: LilyP2
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