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Ch.14 Pharmacology

Hormonal Disorders and Their Treatment

A gland that produces hormones that stimulate various body tissues to increase their activity level Thyroid Gland
A deficiency of thyroid activity. Results in decreased metabolic rate, tiredness, and lethargy. Hypothyroidism
A drug commonly used to treat hypothyroidism Synthroid
Symptoms of hyperthyroidism Weight loss, hair loss, exopthalmus (bulging eyes)
Hormone that promotes development and maintenance of male physical characteristics Androgen
The most important male hormone Testosterone
The first oral therapy for impotence Viagra
The two most important female hormones Estrogen and Progesterone
Premarin is made from this Pregnant mare urine
Noncontraceptive benefits of oral contraceptives May protect against ovarian cancer, benign breast disease, ectopic pregnancy, and ovarian cysts. Reduced menstrual flow and more regular periods.
Taking oral contraceptives on three 21-day cycles without a pill free interval is known as this Tricycling
Pregnancy tests are based on detecting this hormone hCG
Home pregnancy tests are approximately this accurate 95%
One of the few OTC drugs pregnant women can take safely Acetaminophen
Chlamydia is known as this because it often has no symptoms The "silent" disease
Newborns have this applied to their eyes at birth as a prophylactic treatment to protect against gonorrhea Erythromycin or Silver Nitrate
Many drugs for osteoporosis belong to this group Bisphosphonates
The important requirements a patient taking bisphosphonates needs to know Take before the first meal of the day with 6 - 8 ounces of water to prevent esophageal burning and remain upright after taking
The route of administration for Ortho-Evra Transdermal
The human body can only absorb this much calcium at one time 600mg
This vitamin is necessary for the absorption of calcium Vitamin D
The major reason for using corticosteroids To inhibit inflammation
This could happen if corticosteroid therapy is stopped suddenly Adrenal glands could stop working completely
Insulin dependent diabetes is known as this type of diabetes. The pancreas has no ability to produce insulin Type I Diabetes
Symptoms of diabetes Excessive thirst, frequent urination, visual changes, vomiting, hunger, polyuria, glycosuria, nocturia, numbness and tingling, slow wound healing
Because this is a protein, it's enzymatically degraded in the GI and can't be given orally Insulin
The only type of insulin that can be given IV Humulin R
A fundamental hormone that affects metabolism, skeletal growth, and somatic growth Growth hormone
This is when hormone replacement therapy is most successful When it is started at a young age
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