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PreEncounter areas

Bypassing occurs when the sender and receiver don’t have enough in common to accurately decode- barrier to communication
Status barrier lower level staff don’t feel comfortable communicating with higher level management
Each step of the exchange. Visually impaired patients should be told what is going to happen at
Important speech impairment, allowing time to gather thoughts and express themselves verbally is
instructions and sentences. Mentally impaired patients may have difficulty orienting to reality and will need simple to understand
H- Hear them out o E-Empathize with the customer o A-Apologize for the inconvenience o T-Take responsibility for action HEAT
− Ask the appropriate question for completing registration and insurance verification − Answer the patient’s questions as they relate to registration and billing − Complete the registration process with a high level of accuracy People who perform registration should be able to:
Technical terms or speaking “down to a patient leads to poor customer service
‘reverse air flow’ (RAF) or ‘positive air flow’ (PAF) room; Admitting diagnosis may indicate need for: RAF/PAF
improve the quality of health care for the public by providing accreditation and related services that support performance improvement in health care organizations. The mission of the Joint Commission
Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization, and the nation's oldest and largest standards-setting and health care accrediting body
JCAHO accreditation is a three-year cycle; the Commission conducts mid-cycle, random, unannounced surveys on accredited organizations across the nation.
The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) designated hospital compliance officer, will be able improve the quality of patient care, substantially reduce fraud, reduce of waste and abuse, and reduce the cost of health care to federal, state and private health insurers.
Hotline and Post Office Box − Auditing Systems − Filing Systems − Document Retention − Annual Assessment Components of performing internal audits and continued monitoring to detect noncompliance and improve quality are: 5 of them
− Standards for Privacy − National Provider Identification − Transaction and Code Sets − Employer Identification − Security and Electronic Signature Administrative Simplification rules include: 5 of them
3 years HIPAA traininng- Each member of the workforce with a new statement to sign at least every
integrated healthcare networks healthcare continues to evolve from traditional independent hospitals to: IHM
is the person whose name appears on the insurance card For most Blue Cross, Commercial, and PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)insurance the policyholder
each insured person his or her own card. Most HMOs (Health Maintenance Organization) give (Insurace cards)
00 or 01 the policyholder can be identified by a two-digit suffix
01, 02 Spouses are usually identified by a subsequent number such as
03, 04 and so forth. Dependents are usually identified by
the policyholder will be the sponsor or the person who is active or retired from the military. Tricare (formerly known as Champus/Champva) insurance (Insurance Cards)
The policyholder will ALWAYS be the patient For Medicare, Medicaid,(Insurance Cards)
Is usually the employer. For Workers Compensation the policyholder
Created by: Copa
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