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Art History

Art History Church Terms

Half circle shaped area used for housing the altar Apse
part of the support system for a dome- the triangular area connection from the base to the drum Pendentive
A passageway that forms a walkway around or inside the apse area of a church Ambulatory
A masonry support that helps to stabilize and support the walls of structures such as arches and vaults Buttress
The intersection of two barrel or tunnel vaults Groin vault
Figures or images carved into the upright parts of a door or opening Jamb figures
the semi-circular area above the lentil of a portal or doorway Tympanum
A doorway, gateway or entrance or imposing size Portal
The horizontal cross piece in the cross-shaped floor plan- first added to basic basilicas to transform them symbolically into Christian spaces Trancepts
Used for filling large architectural areas- this uses colored glass and metal strips to create designs, images, and scenes. Stain glass windows
The area where the horizontal piece of the cross intersects with the nave or a church Trancept crossing
Arch like exterior supports that reach from the upper nave walls, out to supporting piers- transmitting the wight and thrust of the building away from the structure Flying buttress
The upright supports of a door or opening Jamb
Used to house or display objects with sacred or special meaning Reliquary
The part of some types of vault which projects out- it is both structural and decorative Ribbed vault
The areas to either side of the nave in a cross- plan church Side aisles
Destination for believers- also a source of income and prestige for the church Pilgrimage churches
A variation of the rounded Roman arch, it is seen in Gothic architecture Pointed arches
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