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Exposure Midterm, MCC

What are the fundamental particles of an atom the electron, the proton and the neutron
What is represented by the atomic number The number of protons in the nucleus
What does the atomic mass represent The number of protons AND the number of neutrons in the nucleus
What is ionization Removal of an orbital electron from an atom
What are the six types of ionization 1. Exposure of matter to x or gamma rays.2. Exposure of matter to a stream of electrons3. Spontaneous decay of radionuclides4. Exposure of certain chemicals to light5. Chemical ionization6. Thermiotic emission
What are the four conditions needed for the production of xrays 1. Source of electrons (burned off filament through thermiotic emission)2. Acceleration of electrons (done with kvp)3. Focusing of electrons (the focusing cup directs electrons towards the tungsten target)4. Sudden deceleration of electrons at the target
What 3 things occur when electrons hit the target The production of heat, Characteristic xrays and Bremsstrahlung xrays
The majority of the energy transfer the occurs during xray exposure is what 99% of the energy transfer is heat, 1% is useful radiation
What type of xray interacts with the electron field and is diverted from the nucleus Bremsstrahlung
What type of xray is the most used in diagnostic imaging Bremsstrahlung
What type of xray requires a kvp or 70 or higher Characteristic
A shorter wavelength = higher frequency
Low kvp's of 40-70 create longer wavelengths, therefore they are low penetrating (absorbed)
What factors affect xray quantity 1. mAs2. kVp3. Filtration4. Target Material
What factors affect xray quality 1. kVp2. Target Material3. Filtration4. Waveform (power supply)
As beam quality increases the beam intensity increases
As the energy of the beam increases the beam intensity increases
Created by: misha1228