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Spec Ed Acronyms I

Acronyms from the Procedural Safeguards Handbook

ABA Applied Behavior Analysis
APE Adaptive Physical Education
ASL American Sign Language
CAPD Central Auditory Processing Disorder
CASA Court Appointed Special Advocate
CF Cystic Fibrosis
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CHINS Children in Need of Services
CMHC Community Mental Health Centers
CP Cerebral Palsy
DD Developmental Delay or Developmental Disabilities
DDC Developmental Disabilities Council
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services
DOE Department of Education
DRC Disabilities Rights Center
DCYF Division of Children, Youth and Families
DS Down's Syndrome
DP Due Process
ED Emotional Disturbance
EI Early Intervention
EIN Early Intervention Network
ELL English Language Learner
ESL English as a Second Language
ESY Extended School Year
EYP Extended Year Program
FAS Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
FCESS Family Centered Early Supports and Services
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
HI Hearing Impairment
IEE Independent Educational Evaluation
IFSP Individualized Family Support Plan
ISP Individualized Service Plan
IQ Intelligence Quotient
LD Learning Disability
LEP Limited English Proficiency
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