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Cardiac Meds


What is most important to monitor for a patient using digoxin? HR, pt and their family should be educated on how to monitor the pt's HR. Any increase > 100bpm or decrease <60bpm must be reported to MD.
What type of an agent is digoxin positive iontropic
What effect does digoxin have on myocardial contraction and HR increases the force of the contraction, therefore allows for decreased HR. Reduces HR by decreasing conduction through the AV node.
What happens to the sympathetic nervous system with digoxin? SNS is decreased
What are alpha adrenergic agents used for Hypertension - causes artery and vein dilation
What is a SE of alpha adrenergic agents? Orthostatic Hypotension
What do ACE inhibitors end in? Pril
What do ACE inhibitors do to BP and and afterload decrease both
What are some SE of ACE inhibitors? orthostatic hypotension, dry cough, hyperalkemia and hyponatremia
A dry cough may be a SE of what cardiac med? ACE inhibitors
BB are in what class of cardiac meds? Anti-arrythmics. Along with Ca channel blockers and Na channel blockers
What are 3 SE of anti-arrythmic agents? cardiac arrythmias, dizzyness, hypotension - all must be reported to MD
What cardiac med may cause peripheral edema? Ca channel blockers - always monitor any weight gain
When are ACE inhibitors used (2 conditions) CHF and HTN
When are anticoagulants used? s/p CABG, DVT, A-fib
What type of meds cause GI distress? (3) Anticoagulants, antihyperlipedemia and digoxin
How do diuretics work? Simply put excretion of sodium and urine causes decreased plasma volume which will decrease BP
What type of drug is thiazide? Duiretic. Others are loop and potassium sparing
What are SE of diuretics? dizzyness, dehydration, hypotension, electrolyte imbalance, polyuria, arrythmias and increased LDL
With what drug is it important to monitor mm cramping and mm fatigue? Diuretics: electrolyte imbalances
What drug is used for gluacoma? diuretics
What drug is likely to be used for any edema as a result of HF? duiretics
What is a common SE of antihyperlipedemia drugs? Statins = myalgia
Lipitor, Zocor and Tricor are what type of drug? Statins (SE: myalgia, rash, h/a, GI distress)
What are the SE of lipitor? GI distress, myalgia, rash, h/a
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