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RES 122

Exam 1

Cylinders of Liquid gases are filled accordingly to what specification? Filling Density
Under what conditions will the gauge pressure of a cylinder of N20 accurately represents its contents? II Only. When the ambient temperature exceeds the critical temperature.
According to the National Institute of standards and technology of the US department of commerce, a gas cylinder that is color coded brown and green should remain: 02-He mixture
Which of the following is true about an uncompensated Thorpe tube? Flow lower than actual if downstream pressure increases.
When used to control the flow of medical gases to a patient, how is a flow restrictor classified? Fixed orifice, constant-pressure flowmetering device.
If you had to power a ventilator from a large cylinder of compressed gas, which of the following devices would be required? Reducing valve.
After attaching a yoke connector to an E cylinder and opening the cylinder valve, you notice a leak at the gas outlet. Which of the following are possible causes of this leak? I and II. I- The has outlet brushing is missing or damaged. II- the yoke hand screw is not tight enough.
You are called by a nurse home to help set up O2for a patient, delivered through a jet nebulizer unfortunately all that is available is an old uncompensated Thorpe tube flowmeter. When set to 8L/min, the nebulizer creates an additional 30 psig of.. downstream pressure. About what flow of 02 will the patient now recieve? 12L/min
Which of the following statements is false about PISS standards? They apply to low-pressure
Dept of transportation (DOT) regulations require compressed gas cylinders to be hydrostatically tested for leaks and expansion every how often? 5 to 10 years
What key property of He makes it useful as a therapeutic gas? Low density
What is the PISS index hole posititon for 02? 2 and 5
Which of the following is false about Bourdon gauge? It will register zero flow when the outlet is completely blocked.
Compressed gas cylinders are manufactured form of which of the following? Seamless steel
When used to control the flow of medical gases to a patient, how is a Thorpe tube classified? Variable orifice, constant pressure flowmetering device.
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