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Ch 13- Lower GI

Bontrager ch 13 self test questions

During life, how long is the entire small intestine? 15-18 Feet
Which aspect of the small intestine is considered the longest? Ileum
Which aspect of the small intestine possesses the smallest diameter? Ileum
The part of the intestine with a feathery an coiled spring appearance when filled with barium is the: Jejunum
List two aspects of the large intestine not considered part of the colon Cecum and rectum
What is the correct term for the appendix? Vermiform
True/false? The rectum possesses two anteroposterior curves that have a direct impact on rectal enema tip insertions True
True/false? The small sacculations found within the jejunum are called haustra False
Which colic flexure is located 1-2 inches higher in the abdomen? Left- Right is displaced by the liver in the RUQ
What is the name for the band of muscular tissue found at the junction of the duodenum and jejunum? Suspensory ligament of the duodenum
Which sections of the GI tract are intraperitoneal? Cecum, transverse colon, sigmoid colon
Which sections of the GI tract are retroperitoneal? Ascending colon, descending colon, upper rectum
Which sections of the GI tract are infraperitoneal? Lower rectum
Where does the reabsorption of inorganic salts occur? Large intestine
What digestive movement occurs in the small intestine? Rhythmic segmentation
Telescoping of the bowel into another aspect of it Intussusception
A new growth extending from the mucosal wall Polyp
A twisting of the intestine on its own mesentery Volvulus
Condition of small herniations present along the intestinal wall Diverticulosis
Chronic inflammatory condition of the small intestine Crohn's disease
Outpouchings located in the distal ileum Meckel's diverticulum
Unable to process certain nutrients Malabsorption syndrome
May be caused by cutting off blood supply to it or the small intestine Appendicitis
Inflammation of the small intestine Enteritis
Inflammation of small herniations in the intestinal wall Diverticulitis
Caused by a flagellate protozoan Giardiasis
Disorder of proximal small intestine Whipple's disease
Chronic inflammatory condition of the large intestine Ulcerative colitis
Condition that presents with a tapered or corkscrew radiographic appearance Volvulus
Presents with an apple core lesion radiographic appearance Neoplasm
Has a string sign radiographic appearance Regional enteritis
Radiographic appearance of a dilation of the intestine with thickening of the circular folds Giardiasis
Stove pipe radiographic appearance of the colon Ulcerative colitis
Mushroom shaped dilation with a small amount of barium extending beyond it in a barium study Intussusception
Jagged or sawtooth radiographic appearance of the intestinal wall Diverticulosis
Inward growth from intestinal wall Polyp
______ is a group of intestinal malabsoption diseases involving the inability to absorb certain proteins and dietary fats. Sprue
Which radiographic procedure is performed to diagnose intussusception? Barium Enema
True/false? Barium enema is recommended to diagnose acute appendicitis False
Why is PA rather than AP recumbent recommended for a small bowel series? The compression on the stomach helps to spread out the bowels
What is the minimum amount of time a patient needs to remain NPO before a small bowel series? 8 hours
What is another term for a laxative? Cathartics
Which type of rectal enema tip is ideal for the patient with a relaxed anal sphincter? Rectal retention tip
True/false? Natural latex based gloves are safe to be worn by all techs False- some people have latex allergies which can be very severe
Which drug can be added to the barium for minimizing intestinal spasm during a BE? Lidocaine
What breathing instructions should be given to a patient during insertion of BE tip? Breathe through the mouth
What procedure is best used to diagnose a prolapse of the rectum? Proctogram
Which type of health conditions may restrict use of glucagon during a BE Diabetes
Which region of the large intestine must be visualized during an evacuative proctogram study? Anorectal angle
True/false? A small balloon rention catheter may be placed within the stoma of the colostomy to deliver contrast media during a BE True
Which oblique position would best demonstrate the ascending colon and right colic flexure? RAO
What is the average amount of time it takes for barium to pass through the ileocecal sphincter? 2-3 hours
What contrast medium would be used during an evaluative proctogram? Anatrast
How much body rotation is required for an LAO during a BE? 35-45 degrees
True/false? For a hypersthenic patient, a 14x17 film placed lengthwise and centered properly will include the entire large intestine. False
What shielding should be used on a BE? As much as possible without obscuring anatomy
RAO best demonstrates ____ flexure with IR centered to ______ Right, iliaccrest
LAO best demonstrates the ____ flexure with the CR and IR centered to ____ Left, 1-2 inches above Iliac crest
During a BE, a possible polyp is on the left colic flexure. What should it be viewed with? RPO
A patient has a history of regional enteritis, what should be performed to test for it? Enteroclysis
A patient has a history of Meckel's, What radiographic procedure should be performed? Nuclear medicine scar
A patient has a history of giardiasis. She is scheduled for a BE. What precautions should be taken? Gloves, surgical mask, and eye wear protection
True/false? Transit of time of barium through the small intestine of a pediatric patient is usually less than that required for an adult. True
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