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PHM 125 Muscular 2

side effects and considerations

Two rare side effects of centrally acting muscle relaxants are changes in ________ and __________ heart function, blood pressure
Muscle cells damaged from injury become inflamed and spasm, which is involuntary contraction of _______ muscle fibers
immobilization for the affected area, physical therapy, heat and cold packs, ultrasound, and massage are all forms of ____ therapy for muscle relaxation nondrug
_____________ all are generally sedating, some are also used as anticonvulsants and antianxiety agents due to their CNS depressive effects central nervous system (CNS) depressants
___________ muscle relaxants are frequently used to treat muscle spasms related to acute injury. centrally acting
Which two medications are used chronically for muscle spasticity baclofen and tizanidine
Centrally acting muscle relaxants are often used in conjunction with over the counter and prescription-strength anti-inflammatory drugs such as _______ to control pain and swelling associated with injuries. ibuprofen
The most common side effect of centrally acting muscle relaxants is__________ sedation
Side effects of centrally acting muscle relaxants may include •drowsiness •dizziness •fatigue •confusion •headache •nausea/vomiting
Taking centrally acting muscle relaxants with food can help reduce ______ and _______ nausea,vomiting
Because centrally acting muscle relaxants can cause ______ and sometimes changes in mental function, patients should be careful when driving, operating machinery, or making important decisions sedation
What medications that may cause CNS depression should not be taken with muscle relaxants opioids/narcotic pain drugs, antihistamines, or other controlled substances
Centrally acting muscle relaxants interact___________ with and should not be taken in conjunction with them. monoamine oxidase inhibitors
When should patients be referred to their healthcare providers right away because these effects may indicate allergic reaction or liver dysfunction. If skin rash or yellowing of the eyes occurs
________ and _______ can occur if medication is taken long term tolerance and dependence
When can many centrally acting muscle relaxants cause hallucinations and other withdrawal symptoms if stopped abruptly
_______ is a muscle relaxant that needs heightened monitoring for abuse and addiction,this drug is metabolized by the liver to meprobamate,an antianxiety medication that is a controlled substance with high risk if abuse. Carisoprodol(Soma)
Technicians should alert the pharmacist whenever a patient receives multiple refills at once or request frequent early refills of __________ Carisoprodol(Soma)
___________ can turn urine brown, black, or green Methocarbamol
___________is a locally acting muscle relaxant that works by blocking release of ACh in the neuromuscular junction approved for a few select conditions (migraine headache, spasticity, and hyperhidrosis[excessive sweating]) Botulinum toxin(Botox)
Side effects of locally acting muscle relaxants are •headache •neck or back pain •pain/itching at the injection site •allergic reaction •difficulty breathing •heart attack or arrhythmias
Dantrolene (Dantrium) is a ______ acting muscle relaxants that works by blocking the intracellular release of calcium and weakening muscle contractility, used for muscle spasticity due to spinal cord injury or cerebral palsy direct
________ dantrolene is typically kept in emergency drug kits in areas where anesthesia is administered injectable
Side effects of direct acting muscle relaxants are •drowsiness •dizziness •fatigue •confusion •impaired judgment •photosensitivity
Dantrolene should be used with great caution in patients with liver disease. Women older than _______tend to have more problems with liver toxicity thirty-five
_________ blockers cause temporary paralysis, these agents are used with anesthesia for short-term muscle relaxation during endotracheal intubation Neuromuscular
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