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Study Guide - Term 2

Answers to the questions on study guide test.

What has been lost because of the pressures placed on the land by changing land use? forests and woodlands
What is land degradation? the wearing away of the Earth’s surface by the forces of nature or human activity
Name 3 things that have caused the most degradation of the Australian landscape? rainfall and temperature, overstocking cattle in dry areas, feral herbivores
Name 6 types of land degradation wind and water erosion, salinity, irrigation salting, soil structure decline, weed invasion, stream erosion
What is land cover and what does it include? refers to the physical state of the land surface. Vegetation, soil, rocks, water and human made structures
Name 4 activities that cause the most problems to land cover in Australia mining, commercial forestry, urban growth, feral animals
What food products impose the greatest pressure on rural land in Australia as their demand increases? wheat, rice, beef, lamb and vegetables
Name 2 agricultural processes that have replaced natural vegetation with plants that yield products either directly (rice, wheat, sugar cane) or indirectly (beef or wool) this process occurs either through direct clearing and the replacement of the native vegetation with crops, or through the gradual deconstruction of much of the native vegetation by overgrazing
What are the 2 biggest degraders of Australian soil? soil salting, pastoralism
What agricultural procedure causes the water table to rise quickly and cause soil salination? soil salting
How have hoofed animals caused land degradation? they cut up the ground and consequently cause soil erosion
Since 1788 what percentage of forests have been cleared in Australia? 40%
The murray- darling basin is one of the most productive agricultural regions and had approximately 20-23 billion trees when first settlers arrived. What is the estimate of the number of trees today? 8 Billion
What are 3 consequences of the clearing of land in the murray- darling basin? land became vulnerable to dryland salting, rising water tables, waterlogging and salination. Degradation of land and water resources and changes In water cycle
Which 5 introduced animals have caused hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage to the Australian landscape? camels, donkeys, goats, buffaloes and rabbits
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