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Cobb Angle > 40 indicates what surgery
Cobb Angle 25-40 indicates what orthosis
Ages for scoliosis screening Girls 11-13 Boys 13-14
Nonstructural scoliosis is flexible or inflexible flexible Functional origin
Structural scoliosis is flexible or inflexible inflexible Degenerative and Neuromuscular origin
Corset orthosis uses increases abdominal pressure, assist with respiration (SCI) and decreases pain (LBP, SIJ, Pregos)
Taylor brace controls what motions TLSFE Trunk Flexion
Plastic TLSO is used when and provides what type of support Max support for early mobilization with SCI
Jewett brace limits what motion and when is it used. limits flexion (encourages hyper extension), used for compression fractures.
What type of a brace is a Milwaukee brace and what orthopedic condition is it used for? CTLSO used for scoliosis (all types) <40degrees
What type of a brace is a Boston brace and what orthopedic condition is it used for? TLSO mid to low T-Spine scoliosis < 40 degrees Spondylothisthesis
What type of a brace is appropriate for a patient who lacks M/L ankle stability? Supramalleolar
Anterior stop is also known as what? What does it prevent and what does it allow AKA DF stop Prevents knee hyper extension Allows a 5 degrees of DF
What can happen if an anterior stop AFO allows too much DF Knee buckling
Posterior stop AFOs allow what motion? What is a contraindication PF, 5 degrees Contraindicated with contractures
What are posterior stop AFOs used for Controls knee buckling
What can happen if an posterior stop AFO allows too much PF knee hyper extension
When is a posterior leaf spring used Drop foot
What does a floor reaction AFO prevent excessive knee flexion by promoting knee extension
What are dennis brown AFOs used for club foot
When is a Toronto Hip ABD AFO used leg-calv-perthes
Craig Scott KAFO that allows posterior lean (paraplegic)
Oregon Specialized AFO allows what tri-planar control
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