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McGuane Set 5

Adjectives of personality Set 5 (McGuane)

Flexible Being able to change easily to suit the plan or situation Positive adaptable hard-core
Flighty Someone who changes their beliefs a lot, doesn't follow through, and isn't serious about things Negative scatterbrained serious
Foolhardy Taking stupid and uneccessary risks Negative reckless
Gallant Being kind and polite towards women (usually a man) Positive discourteous chivalrous
Generous Willing to give more time, money effort, etc. than is expected Positive bighearted miserly, stingy
Greedy Always wanting more power, money, possessions, attention etc. Negative covetous undesiring
Guarded Careful not to show too much emotion, or say too much [blank] cautious
Gutsy Being brave and taking risks Positive plucky gutless
Heartless Cruel; not feeling any pity Negative hardhearted softhearted
Honest Behaving in a good, socially accepted way; not lying, cheating or stealing Positive trustworthy, genuine untrustworthy, untruthful
Created by: Carolxl